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ASHRAE has a worldwide reputation as the most authoritative source for information in the HVAC&R industry. Each month, ASHRAE brings you ASHRAE Journal magazine, a trusted source of HVAC&R information with a reach of over 53,000 subscribers.

The following information is your integrated marketing guide available for downloading:

Who We Are

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  • Build Your Brand with Credibility, Authority & Loyalty

    Your communications are components of your brand. Would you rather have your advertising message next to a thoroughly researched article that was peer reviewed and trusted by engineering experts? Is an advertisement published in a reputable publication more valuable than one without a reputation?

    Build Your Brand

    What Do Members Do?

  • Reach the Building Specifying Decision-Makers

    ASHRAE is the one place where building leaders gather to decide the future of how to design and operate building systems.

    ASHRAE Journal is the foundation of a sound branding campaign since it is at the center of the ASHRAE’s cycle of innovation. The Journal covers the latest technology and applications that may eventually be included in ASHRAE Handbooks, industry standards and ASHRAE Learning Institute courses.

    Journal Readers

  • Ten Reasons Why ASHRAE Media Is The Best Choice

    Journal quote

    1. First in HVAC&R Technology: no other organization can compare to ASHRAE’sglobal reach, relevance and leadership in technology and sustainability. As an ANSI-certified standards writing organization, ASHRAE develops and publishes industry standards that are adopted into codes, legislation and energy labeling programs.
    2. Largest Print and Paid Circulation: people are more likely to read publications they have purchased.
    3. World’s Largest HVAC&R Expo: AHR Expo and the concurrent ASHRAE Winter Conference annually attract the thought leaders, decision makers and biggest specifiers HVAC&R industry.
    4. ASHRAE Handbook: Known as the bible of industry, the four-volume ASHRAE Handbook is the most trusted and referenced resource.
    5. Sponsorships: ASHRAE represents credibility and reliability. ASHRAE’s unique position for advancing technology and sponsoring AHR Expo results in the most influential global audience gathering in the world.
    6. Total Reach & Penetration: ASHRAE’s influence spans the globe and permeates the operation of nearly every building. Its energy standards, 90.1 and 90.2, impact whole building performance.
    7. eNewsletters: ASHRAE publishes two of the best-read digital newsletters, eSociety and The HVAC&R Industry.
    8. High Performing Buildings Magazine and Website: HPB provides more than 70,000 architects, facility managers and building owners with measured building performance. All ASHRAE Members receive a print or digital copy of each HPB issue.
    9. ASHRAE Guidance Rated Most Useful, Authoritative and Credible: those surveyed in blind studies rate ASHRAE content such as providing the best technical guidance written for application into today’s buildings.
    10. First in Web Traffic:  ASHRAE,org attracts 100,000 visitors per month, ranking it as the industry’s No. 1 source for information on HVAC&R technology and applications.

    Journal Co-Branding

  • AHR Expo & ASHRAE

    Where World’s Biggest HVAC&R Engineering Show Meets World’s Best Engineering Experts

    Boost AHR Expo booth traffic with ASHRAE’s influential members and unique opportunities!

    More exhibitors means more competition for potential customers. How can you stand out?

    ASHRAE provides:

    • AHR Expo Official Show Daily Newspaper
    • The Journal’s Official Product & Show Guide
    • Winter Conference Sponsorships
    • The ONLY advertising-supported publications with distribution on the Show floor, entrances and in publication bins
  • Print Advertising Specs
  • Online Opportunities & Rates

    Online opportunities include:

    •, the world's #1 HVAC&R engineering web site destination
    • ASHRAE mobile app
    • eNewsletters
    • ASHRAE Handbook
    • Whitepapers on
    • Digital Journal
    • And more!