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2023 HVAC Applications Volume

2023 HVAC&R Applications


  1. Residential Space Conditioning
  2. Retail Facilities
  3. Commercial and Public Buildings
  4. Tall Buildings
  5. Places of Assembly
  6. Indoor Swimming Pools
  7. Hospitality
  8. Educational Facilities
  9. Health-Care Facilities
  10. Justice Facilities
  11. Automobiles
  12. Mass Transit
  13. Aircraft
  14. Ships


  1. Industrial Air Conditioning
  2. Enclosed Vehicular Facilities
  3. Laboratories
  4. Engine Test Facilities
  5. Clean Spaces
  6. Data Processing and Telecommunication Facilities
  7. Printing Plants
  8. Textile Processing Plants
  9. Photographic Material Facilities
  10. Museums, Galleries, Archives, and Libraries
  11. Environmental Control for Animals and Plants
  12. Drying and Storing Selected Farm Crops
  13. Air Conditioning of Wood and Paper Product Facilities
  14. Power Plants
  15. Nuclear Facilities
  16. Mine Air Conditioning and Ventilation
  17. Industrial Drying
  18. Ventilation of the Industrial Environment
  19. Industrial Local Exhaust
  20. Kitchen Ventilation


  1. Geothermal Energy
  2. Solar Energy Use


  1. Energy Use and Management
  2. Owning and Operating Costs
  3. Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing
  4. Operation and Maintenance Management
  5. Computer Applications
  6. Building Energy and Water Monitoring
  7. Supervisory Control Strategies and Optimization
  8. HVAC Commissioning


  1. Building Envelopes
  2. Building Air Intake and Exhaust Design
  3. Control of Gaseous Indoor Air Contaminants
  4. Design and Application of Controls
  5. Noise and Vibration Control
  6. Water Treatment
  7. Service Water Heating
  8. Snow Melting and Freeze Protection
  9. Evaporative Cooling
  10. Fire and Smoke Control
  11. Radiant Heating and Cooling
  12. Seismic- and Wind-Resistant Design
  13. Electrical Considerations
  14. Room Air Distribution
  15. Indoor Airflow Modeling
  16. Integrated Project Delivery and Building Design
  17. HVAC Security
  18. Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment
  19. Smart Building Systems
  20. Moisture and Mold
  21. Occupant-Centric Sensing and Controls
  22. Codes and Standards