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2021 ASHRAE LowDown Showdown

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2020 LowDown Showdown Winner – Team Aequitas


Each year of the LDSd competition, we ask participating teams to take on a new challenge in building performance analysis. For 2021 the competition will ask teams to expand their comfort zone and take on the challenges of a tropical climate with particular challenges for resiliency and “near net zero” design. The competition will also require teams to use their creativity to develop schemes for engagement of the building & its occupants with the community.

The 2021 LDSd model building will be located in Puerto Rico. Participating Teams will design a 75,000 sf, residential care center located at a site on the island to be chosen by each team. The building will contain residences, offices, amenities and clinical spaces.

Here’s your chance to join an integrated team that will compete for fun and prizes in the annual LowDown Showdown modeling competition. Sign your team up today or sign up as an individual participant and we will put you on a team! Bring your imagination and analytical skills to the party and create the prototype building of the future! 

  • Building Model Description

    General Description:

    The 2021 LDSd model building is a residential care center which includes residential living spaces, amenities, a small clinic for residents, a kitchen with dining room and limited office & meeting space for facility staff. The new building is to be designed for efficiency and sustainability for both the short and long term with an emphasis on net-zero energy operations, resiliency, and community engagement.

    Model Building Location:  Puerto Rico

    65,000 sf of indoor space + 10,000 sf of outdoor space (new construction) 

    • 55,000 sf of residential
    • 1,500 sf office & conference
    • 1,500 sf of kitchen (light commercial)
    • 4,000 sf of dining space
    • 2,500 sf of clinic & PT space
    • 1,000 sf lobby
    • 1,500 sf circulation spaces
    • 8,000 sf amenities (shared spaces for use of residents):  Amenities – exact mixture of amenities to be determined by design teams but should be for use of residents from 8am till 10pm

    Teams may decide which of the spaces listed above are indoor and which are outdoor. Teams should consider typical space requirements during normal and emergency operations when choosing the indoor and outdoor spaces for their design.

    Download the full building description and requirements here:

    FULL Description


     Click on each team to view members:

    C.R.E.A.M. Al-Khwarizmi's Team C +VE MARKEL Agua Viviente
    The Carbonbusters Northern Exposure Shunya Power The Planeteers Faro de Luz

  • Judging Criteria

    Judging Categories and Definitions

    1. Innovative Approaches:  Inclusion of one or more of the conference topics of:  1.) Integrated Design 2.) New Technology 3.)  Comfort, Health & Wellness 4.) Carbon Neutrality 5.) Embodied Energy
    2. Creativity: Originality of solution and design; new approaches for using modeling tools.
    3. Resiliency & Community Engagement: As noted above, teams get to define these elements based on knowledge of location and needs in the region.
    4. Energy Use:  Performance metrics as recorded on the Results Template; and validity of Results. Includes an assessment of the passive & load reduction strategies utilized in the design.
    5. Workflow and Teamwork:  Overview of tools and processes, demonstrated problem solving and creative workarounds; collaboration among disciplines (architecture, engineering, modeling, etc.).
    6. Presentation: Effective use of time and presenter(s) clearly articulate concepts, process and results. Presentation includes clear and visually impactful graphic elements (slides, charts, illustrations, etc.).

    Round 1 Judging:  Category Weighting

    1. Innovative Approaches:  20%
    2. Creativity:  20%
    3. Resiliency & Community Engagement:  15%
    4. Energy Use:  35%
    5. Workflow:  10%

    Round 2 Judging

    Round 2 judging will include the scoring categories from Round 1 and will also evaluate other factors such as the presenter’s effective use of time and impactful visual elements. Round 2 judging will take place at the conference by an independent panel of industry expert judges.  The Fan Favorite will also be selected at the conference by live polling of the audience. 


 Important Dates:

 May 20: Deadline for participants to sign up
 May 28: Question period begins
 June 11: Team names and captains due
 August 19: Last day to ask questions
 October 8: Deliverables due

 November 1: Powerpoint presentations due

The deadline to sign up to participate in the 2021 LowDown Showdown is May 20th