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High Performance Healthcare Facilities Design: Complying with ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 170-2021 (MENA).

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“The training has made me more knowledgeable and confident to make critical decisions in hospital projects design.”

“The Covid-19 experience has made us understand the need to design high performance health facilities. This training in relation to ASHRAE standard 170-2017 will guide us in achieving this.”

“It was very good course and covered all aspects of health care facilities design that are important to designers and consultants, and clients.”

High Performance Healthcare Facilities Design: Complying with ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 170-2021 (MENA).


Course Description

This training covers general and specific requirements of HVAC design of all hospital rooms including airborne infectious isolation rooms, protective isolation rooms, operating rooms, emergency departments, Intensive Care units, pharmacies, psychiatric and sterile processing departments, and infection control risk assessment are all covered, making this course essential training for anyone designing healthcare facilities.

This course addresses the role of HVAC systems in reducing Hospital Associated Infections (HAI), explaining airborne vs contact transmission. Through filtration, air patterns, air changes, dilution, temperature, humidity, UV, and pressurization the hospital HVAC can either help or hinder efforts to reduce HAI.

Best practices of HVAC design and the complexities of designing renovations in operating hospitals for concerns such as phasing, utility shutdowns, and infection control risk mitigation are introduced. As well as the why and how of each of the different processes from the perspective of particle physics, including hospital psychrometrics, air changes requirement, level filtration and more.

Latest available technology in the design, calculation, and practical applications of HVAC and controls are introduced. The training also defines the ventilation system design requirements as per Standard ANSI/ ASHRAE/ ASHE 170-2021 including the compliance requirements. Systems and equipment include outdoor ventilation, air distribution systems and energy recovery and all ancillary components of ducting, insulation will be described.

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  • Learning Objectives
    • Identify the key elements of a high-performing hospital and define Role of HVAC systems in high-performing hospitals.
    • Understand the importance of the HVAC system in infection control.
    • Detailed Engineering designs that can help or hurt achieving this high performance.
    • Design high-performing hospital in compliance with ASHRAE Std. 170-2021.
    • Know how to convert a hospital into a specialty hospital to treat COVID-19 patients.
    • Define the requirement HVAC system parameters such as temperature, air changes, humidity & filtration for specific hospital rooms.
    • Recognize factors related to enhancing the high performance, in particular to Operating rooms, Operating Rooms, Imaging Suites, laboratories, Pharmacies and Airborne Infectious Isolation.
    • Understand the impacts of high-performance design on the improved patient safety, Healthcare facility quality and improved outcome.
  • Agenda
    • What makes a High-Performing Hospital?
    • Safety
    • Reliability
    • Maintenance
    • Energy
    • Adaptability
    • Best Practices
    • High Performance Health Care Facilities (Design Check List)
    • Ventilation of H.C Facilities
    • Purpose
    • Scope
    • Definitions
    • Compliance
    • Planning
    • Systems & Equipment
    • Room Design
  • Course Instructor
  • Fees

    Includes course admittance, course materials, Certificate of Attendance and course recording.
    $284 ($218 ASHRAE Member)

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