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HFDP – Healthcare Facility Design Professional Certification

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Earn a HFDP Certification

The HFDP certification validates competency to Incorporate standards and guidelines as well as unique healthcare facility requirements and design principles in HVAC system design.

  • HFDP Advantage

    Why Healthcare Facility Design Professionals Pursue the ASHRAE HFDP

    • Elevate your reputation among peers, in the workplace and among clients
    • Demonstrate competency in critical healthcare facility design knowledge, skills and abilities
    • The HFDP digital badge guarantees enhanced recognition

    Why Employers Support the ASHRAE HFDP

    • Recruit the most-qualified professionals
    • Elevated reputation and credibility among current and potential customers
    • Provides clear, value-added professional development goal
    • Greater employee job satisfaction and higher retention
  • Check Eligibility

    Eligibility Checklist

      • Education and Work Experience
      • Code of Ethics
      • Pass HFDP Certification Exam

    Download a Candidate Guidebook to learn more.

    Key Policies

    Review key policies related to Request for Special Accommodations, Impartiality, Certification Complaint Process, Appeal of Certification Denial, and Guidelines for Suspending, Withdrawing or Reducing the Scope of Certification.


    These Certification FAQs can help. Please call 678-539-1105 or email with any additional questions.

  • Apply Now

    Apply for HFDP

    Application Fees

    The ASHRAE member discounted application fee is $395 (non-member – $595). After ASHRAE approves your application to sit for the exam, you will receive instructions how to schedule a computer-based test (CBT) at 1 of over 300 locations.

    Note: Non-native English speakers may apply to receive an additional 30 minutes of testing time.


    These Certification FAQs can help. Please call 678-539-1105 or email with any additional questions.

  • Testing Options

    Testing Center

    Testing centers are available worldwide.

    As part of the global effort to contain and mitigate the impact of COVID-19, ASHRAE testing partner PSI has instituted enhanced procedures which in some cases may include the temporary closing of some of the test centers.

    In the event of temporary test center closing, ASHRAE exam candidates may receive additional time to schedule and sit for their certification exam.

    Remote Online Proctored

    • NEW! Convenient, secure remotely proctored testing coming soon.
    • Schedule and sit for your exam from your home or office
    • Secure, safe exam delivery with a live, remote proctor

    Learn More


    These Certification FAQs can help. Please email or call 678-539-1105 with any additional questions.

  • Get Exam Ready

    Get HFDP exam ready by following these few, easy steps:


    These Certification FAQs can help. Please call 678-539-1105 or email with any additional questions.

  • Recertify

    Recertify HFDP

    Recertification every three years helps ensure HFDPs maintain a level of continuing competence through acceptable professional development in subject matter related to their certification.

    Application Fees

    The ASHRAE Member discounted, on-time application fee is $195 (non-member – $295).

    Eligibility Checklist

    • Forty-five (45) Professional Development Hours (PDHs)
    • Code of Ethics


    These Certification FAQs can help. Please email or call 678-539-1105 with any additional questions.

Learn More about the HFDP Advantage

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