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"This course was a very well developed session. The instructors presented valid materials directly related to HVAC systems design."
– Calvin T. – Houston, USA
"This is years of experience and knowledge condensed into a priceless three-day event. It tackles most of the common issues you come across as a design engineer, and the instructors really go in-depth with practical examples from their work. I am very confident that I will have a great use for everything learned and highly recommend the course to someone just starting out as a HAVC engineer. Even if you've been in the industry for some time, this experience will be important."
– Kannan S. – Syracuse, USA
"The training was very useful as a lot of important topics were discussed like heat load calculation which is a major component for any design."
– Hamdah M. – Dubai, UAE

“This training has been a wonderful learning advancement to my development as a senior engineer. I currently am involved in design and supervision of large office, residential and commercial spaces. The case studies have provided useful information and the guide to using ASHRAE Standards 62.1, 55, 189.1 and 15 have been good. I would recommend this course to experienced engineers and using ASHRAE development to strengthening your career.” 
–  Jeevan T. – Muscat, Oman

“Extremely helpful for all design and sales engineers. Good investment of time and resources.” 
– Salman S. – Dubai, UAE

“This training is really a good opportunity for those entering into the HVAC industry.  Because in the University many equations and topics are discussed but this training shows the sequence of activities related to the design of the HVAC system.”
– Mohammad F. – Dhaka, Bangladesh                           

"I really enjoyed the class, particularly the real-world examples and experience the instructors brought to the material. I definitely feel more confident in my abilities and knowledge than I did coming in."
– Jason H. – New Mexico, USA
"It was good, especially as non-HVAC Engineers. As I work for MEP consultant, it is a good thing to know all the basic and fundamental for HVAC. The class introduced me to all trivial components in HVAC systems. The instructor provided all the participants with good and easy to use material."
– Frans D. – Jakarta, Indonesia
“Meaningful to all owner, landlord, and facilities Eng. /Mgr. to attend the training to understand detail of HVAC design and selection of the equipment to a particular building or existing building.”
– Mohd B. – Singapore
"HVAC Design Level I was an excellent course covering the complete range of HVAC-related topics. Sufficient detail was provided for all individuals, regardless of their background, to have an excellent basic knowledge of HVAC issues, solutions, processes, systems, components, and available options. This course was time and money well spent and will be very useful to me going forward in my work."
– Jeffrey T. – Ontario, Canada
“This training should be required for anyone new to the HVAC industry. An excellent refresher for veterans.”
– Fazaad A. – New Jersey, USA

“This training course is very interesting. It helps me to understand a whole picture of HVAC designing by all kinds of different cases. The instructors are very experienced in this field. It’s worthy joining the training.”
– Bai Y. – Hong Kong

“As an electrical engineer, this course provides a great overview of HVAC design and what mechanical engineers do. I have greater confidence now with communicating with mechanical engineers and the potential to question their designs.”
– Sean F. – Perth, Australia

“The HVAC Design: Level I course helped me, as a recent college graduate, understand the HVAC industry better as a whole. The course material is applicable in all reaches of the industry and even helped me, as a sales engineer, grasp my place in the industry and how I can fulfill my role better.”
– Alex T.—Atlanta, USA

“This training has broadening my knowledge on HVAC&R design and applications. I have better understanding of the use of fundamentals & psychrometric in design, operation, maintenance and applications.
– Ogunsuyi R. - Lagos, Nigeria

“This course gave me the background knowledge on HVAC system design that I never had in college. It gives the reasoning behind the design choices we see in the industry and how a system comes to be. This course excited me about delving into more design work in my career!”
– Mega R. – Florida, USA

“The course wraps most concepts and applications of the HVAC industry in a brief yet reasonably detailed way. It provides a better view of the different aspects of the industry for the recently graduated students.”
– Mahmood A. – Dubai, UAE

“One of the most effective training programs I have attended with the presence of the academic experience and field experience in the same training covering the topic end-to-end. The examples from regional case studies added value to the whole understanding of the topic.”
– Mohamed El M. – Kuwait

“It was a great experience.  I think it will help me a lot in future projects.”
– Anwar K.-Dhaka, Bangladesh

“The course helped me to understand deeply the concept of designs and application.  It was worth the wait.”
– Ken J., Philippines

“Very insightful and interactive. Presentation was interesting and kept me engaged.”
– Ahmad A. — Ontario, Canada

“This was a good training course that covered the main parts of designing HVAC systems, everything from the fundamentals, designing to commissioning the systems after they are installed.”
– Cody S. (Facilities Engineer) – Fort Worth, USA

“The level of expertise and the wealth of knowledge from the instructors is unparalleled. The information covered is practical and up to date. Being new to the HVAC industry, I really feel like I am leaving with understanding and support from the ASHRAE Learning Institute.”
– Max B. – Vancouver, Canada,

“This course is a great introduction to HVAC essentials! It is invaluable regardless of experience. Had I have taken it when I first started, it would have served as an excellent introduction to the world of HVAC. Since I have experience, the course served as a great way to practice and solidify what I have already learned on the job! 5/5—would recommend to anyone who works with HVAC.”
– Louis K. – Syracuse, USA

“High quality class. Very comprehensive and very competent and knowledgeable instructors that have great interaction with the class. I would recommend this class to others in my company and industry.”
– Kurtis S. – Oakland, USA

“Everything you need to know but weren’t taught in engineering school is covered in this course.”
– Clayton C. – Delaware USA

“The trainers mentioned that as design engineers we are selling our intelligence/skills rather than a physical object. There is a lack of formal training related to the HVAC industry outside of a classroom. The insight given from the trainers and their wealth of experience will prove invaluable during my career.”
– Terry T. –Missouri, USA