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BEMP – Building Energy Modeling Professional Certification

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Earn a BEMP Certification

The BEMP certification, an ANSI-Accredited Personnel Certification Program under ISO/IEC 17024 (#1139), validates competency to model new and existing building and systems with the full range of physics; and evaluate, select, use, calibrate and interpret the results of energy modeling software where applied to building and systems energy performance and economics.

NEW!  BEMP Study Guide

  • BEMP Advantage ▼

    Why Energy Modeling Professionals Pursue the ASHRAE BEMP

    • Elevate your reputation and career opportunities >> See survey data
    • Demonstrate competency in critical building energy modeling knowledge and skills >> See who’s a BEMP
    • The BEMP digital badge guarantees enhanced recognition
    • ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) accredited personnel certification program, under ISO/IEC 17024 (ID #1139), ensuring fairness and validity

    Why Employers Support the ASHRAE BEMP

    • Recruit the most-qualified professionals
    • Elevated reputation and credibility among current and potential customers
    • Enhanced compliance with applicable local, state and federal requirements
    • Provides clear, value-added professional development goal
    • Greater employee job satisfaction and higher retention
  • Check Eligibility ▼

    Eligibility Checklist

      • Education and Work Experience
      • Code of Ethics
      • Pass BEMP Certification Exam

    Download a Candidate Guidebook to learn more.

    Key Policies

    Review key policies related to Request for Special Accommodations, Impartiality, Certification Complaint Process, Appeal of Certification Denial, and Guidelines for Suspending, Withdrawing or Reducing the Scope of Certification.


    These Certification FAQs can help. Please call 678-539-1105 or email with any additional questions.

  • Apply Now ▼

    Apply Now

    Application Fees

    ASHRAE Member: $395 (Note: July 1 fee increases to $495)
    ASHRAE Developing Economies Member: $235 (Note: July 1 fee increases to $295)
    Non-member: $595 (Note: July 1 fee increases to $745)
    Corporate Group: Email Tim Kline or call 678-539-1181 for a quote.

    Note: Non-native English speakers may apply to receive an additional 30 minutes of testing time.


    These Certification FAQs can help. Please call 678-539-1105 or email with any additional questions.

  • Testing ▼

    ASHRAE offers certification examination year-round.

    Approved Certification Candidates may schedule their exam at a computer-based testing location.

    Exciting news!  ASHRAE's new exam delivery partner offers over 1,000 test center locations worldwide, which will meet growing demand for ASHRAE certification. 


    These Certification FAQs can help. Please email or call 678-539-1105 with any additional questions.

  • Get Exam Ready ▼

    Get BEMP exam ready by following these few, easy steps:

      • NEW! BEMP Study Guide:
        • 100-question BEMP Practice Exam, with solutions
        • Task-by-task self-assessments linked to resources
        • Core and “deep dive” resource break-down
        • $59 Member price
      • Review the Exam Blueprint in Appendix A of the Candidate Guidebook
      • NEW! Take the 30-question, online Practice Exam today!
      • Consider any publication or training resource for Exam Preparation.
      • Review Tips and Strategies for exam preparation

    Requesting an Extension

    To request a 45-day extension of the 90-day deadline to schedule and take an exam, candidates must submit an application at least five business days prior to the end of the 90-day deadline. The administrative fee to initiate the extension is $50.00.

    Apply for extension


    These Certification FAQs can help. Please call 678-539-1105 or email with any additional questions.

  • Recertify ▼

    Renew Your BEMP Certification

    Recertify Now

    Recertification every three years helps ensure BEMPs maintain a level of continuing competence through acceptable professional development in subject matter related to their certification.

    Application Fees

    ASHRAE Member: $195
    ASHRAE Developing Economies Member: $115
    Non-member: $295

    Eligibility Checklist

    • Forty-five (45) Professional Development Hours (PDHs)
    • Code of Ethics

    Note: Acceptable evidence of professional development hours (PDHs) earned is supporting documentation issued by a third-party, which includes the name of the certificant and the date earned. In the case of continuing education, supporting documentation also must include the number of clock hours of participation, and a title indicating the subject matter.


    These Certification FAQs can help. Please call 678-539-1105 or email with any additional questions.

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