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ASHRAE Terminology

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ASHRAE Terminology

ASHRAE Terminology, a free resource, is a comprehensive online glossary of more than 3700 terms and definitions related to the built environment, with a focus on heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R), as well as building envelope, electrical, lighting, water and energy use, and measurement terms.

This searchable glossary was designed for use by engineering professionals but is also useful for architects, building owners and operators, educators, public officials, and homeowners.

The terms in ASHRAE Terminology have been assembled and defined and are updated on an ongoing basis by ASHRAE Technical Committee (TC) 1.6, Terminology. TC 1.6 is concerned with terminology, nomenclature, definitions, abbreviations, symbols, and the International System (SI) and Inch-Pound (I-P) units used in the fields of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, water heating, and refrigeration.

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adjusted net total capacity - the gross sensible capacity less the actual fan power. (Also see gross sensible capacity.)

air-handling unit (AHU) - assembly consisting of sections containing a fan or fans and other necessary equipment to perform one or more of the following functions: circulating, filtration, heating, cooling, heat recovery, humidifying, dehumidifying, and mixing of air. Is usually connected to an air-distribution system.

gross sensible capacity - the rate of sensible heat removal by the cooling coil for a given set of operating conditions. This value varies as a function of performance parameters such as EWB, ODB, EDB, and airflow rate. (Also see sensible heat.)

part-load ratio - the ratio of the net refrigeration effect to the adjusted net total capacity for the cooling coil. (Also see net refrigerating effect and adjusted net total capacity.)

sensible heat - the energy exchanged by a thermodynamic system that relates to a change of temperature.

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