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Research Grants & Awards

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Research Grants and Awards

ASHRAE Graduate Student Grant-In-Aid Award – Submission Deadline March 1st.

Graduate Student Grant-In-Aid Award Program (updated 02/2023)

word_icon.png Application for Grant-In-Aid for Graduate Students (updated 02/2023)

word_icon.png Grant-in-Aid Criteria (02/2023)

page-excel-icon.gif Grant-in-Aid Evaluation Form (2023)

word_icon.png Cofunding Research led by others (NEW)

ASHRAE Research - International Dissemination Travel Grant Program

Service To ASHRAE Research Award - Submission Deadline for this Award is September 1st

pdf_icon.png Service to ASHRAE Research Award (PDF)

New Investigator Award – Submission Deadline December 22nd

The ASHRAE New Investigator Award (NIA) assists new university faculty members to develop research capabilities in HVAC&R related fields.  The COVID pandemic caused considerable disruption to academic scholarly activities and graduate research when campuses were evacuated, and lab and classroom activities were restricted.  The NIA program was not funded for two years when income from the ASHRAE Expo was unavailable.  ASHRAE recognizes that some active members that could have been viable NIA candidates may have “timed out” of their 5-year eligibility window during the two years that the NIA was not funded.  To somewhat compensate for the COVID disruptions to academic progress and NIA unavailability, a modified eligibility schedule for the NIA will be followed.

 PhD/Start Year                NIA Deadline Date

2016                         December 2022

2017                         December 2023

2018                         December 2024

2019                         December 2024

2020                         December 2025

2021                         December 2026

2022                         December 2026 (regular 5 year window resumes)


Because of the late adjustment to this eligibility criteria, the NIA application deadline for this year only will be extended until December 22, 2022. 

Draft Description of the Award

word_icon.png Nominee Coversheet

page-excel-icon.gif New Investigator Award Application Scoring/Evaluation Form

page-excel-icon.gif New Investigator Award Summary Sheet

Innovative Research Grant and Homer Addams Award – Submission Deadline December 3rd

Proposals can be submitted to ASHRAE Manager of Research and Technical Services (MORTS), Michael Vaughn, at mvaughn@ashrae.org or MORTS@ashrae.net

2022-2023 Solicitation - ASHRAE Innovative Research Grant Program

Homer Addams Award