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Live Session from ASHRAE Virtual Conference

Effects of Building Ventilation on SARS CoV 2 Transmission, a Preliminary Study by Yuguo Li

The once-in-a-century Covid-19 pandemics continues to spread. Implementing an appropriate level of intervention has not been easy, as the relative importance of different transmission routes is unknown. One important question related to HVAC is whether the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted by the airborne route.

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Interested in more COVID-19 related presentations? Check out sessions in the Environmental Health and IEQ track offered with the 2021 Virtual Winter Conference.


ASHRAE Archived Courses Relating to COVID-19

Hospital HVAC: Infection Mitigation, Comfort, Performance

Fundamentals of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) for Air and Surface Disinfection

COVID-19 and Buildings: Reoccupation After Lockdown

Evaluating Your HVAC System’s Readiness to Mitigate the Spread of SARS-CoV-2

Reopening Commercial Buildings: Evaluating Your HVAC System’s Readiness to Mitigate the Spread of SARS-CoV-2

Reopening Universities: Managing HVAC Systems to Mitigate the Spread of SARS-CoV-2

Health Impacts of Indoor Air Extraction, Ventilation, and Filtration - Same or Different?

Free Podcasts

ASHRAE Journal Podcast
'If you were waiting for the opportune moment, this is it.'
Epidemic Task Force Chair William Bahnfleth, Ph.D., P.E., Presidential/Fellow ASHRAE, and Jason DeGraw, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE, discuss the task force’s guidance, including its Core Recommendations, and how the COVID-19 pandemic could create long-lasting change in the HVAC&R industry.

Air Quality in schools: At the intersection of technology and equity
Anisa Heming and Corey Metzger of the U.S. Green Building Council and ASHRAE discuss a new report on schools’ efforts around the country to protect against COVID-19 by improving indoor air quality. Like so much else about schools, air quality comes down to resources, in this case, for infrastructure and maintenance. Also, there has been no central source of reliable information for district administrators. While COVID-19 has drawn our attention to air circulation and ventilation, there are other reasons to be concerned about air quality. Not only are there other airborne pathogens, but studies show that learning improves with better indoor air quality.

IREM: From the Front Lines
HVAC Operations
Wade Conlan of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force discusses best practices around HVAC operations including air filtration, potential supply chain issues and best practices for reopening.

Free ASHRAE Webinars

Installing, operating and servicing A/C systems in the times of COVID-19 Webinar
This webinar was organized in cooperation with UNEP OzonAction, ASHRAE, AREA, ISHRAE and CRAA.

Analysis of Airflow Patterns and Flow Path of Airborne Contaminants Webinar (July 21, 2020)
MP4 Video

Managing Your HVAC Systems to Help Mitigate the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Buildings Webinar (June 29, 2020)

 MP4 Video

Re-Opening Our Schools: Activities & Recommendations Webinar (June 16, 2020)
  MP4 Video

Reducing Infectious Disease Transmission with UVGI (April 21, 2020)
  MP4 Video

Managing COVID-19 and HVAC in Buildings for Emerging Economies (June 18, 2020)
This webinar aims to provide essential technical information to people of emerging economies to manage and tackle COVID-19 and its implications to HVAC systems in buildings such as hospitals, commercial and residential settings
Dr. Bill Bahnfleth, Chair of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force and Former ASHRAE President
Luke Leung, Team Lead for Commercial/Retail on ASHRAE’s Epidemic Task Force
Chandra Sekhar, Team Member for Residential on ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force


pdf_icon.png Introduction
pdf_icon.png Fundamentals of COVID-19Risk Management
pdf_icon.png HVAC System Operation in Residential Buildings During a Pandemic
pdf_icon.png Commercial Building Design for COVID-19 & Beyond

ASHRAE Tech Hour

Free instructional video: Optimize Occupant Health, Building Energy Performance and Revenue through Indoor-Air Hydration

Understanding the powerful influence of indoor-air on humans is not just theoretically interesting; it has become an urgent topic for all of us.

Miscellaneous Webinars

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
February 23, 2021
A National Conversation on Indoor Air & K-12 Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic
William P. Bahnfleth

Briefing for U.S. House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee Staff
May 18, 2020

pdf_icon.png ASHRAE’s Epidemic Task Force & ASHRAE Guidance for Protecting Building Occupants from Covid-19 and Other Infectious Diseases
William P. Bahnfleth, Dennis Knight, Wade Conlan, Alice Yates

IEA Webinar
May 5, 2020

pdf_icon.png Infectious Aerosols and Impact of Covid-19 on HVAC Systems | William P. Bahnfleth

DOE Better Buildings Webinar
May 4, 2020

Managing HVAC Systems to Reduce Infectious Disease Transmission | William P. Bahnfleth

ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program

The ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Program was developed to provide ASHRAE Chapters with lecturers equipped to speak on relevant subjects of interest to ASHRAE members and guests without incurring huge costs. Several lecturers have presentations applicable to these topics. View more information about the program and see the list of lecturers and the topics their presentations cover.


ASHRAE Conference Seminars

Seminars from 2017 and after are available for free download in MP4 and PDF format. Older seminar recordings can be purchased in ASHRAE bookstore

2020 Winter Conference

Seminar 21 -- Putting People First: The Healing Power of Indoor Air

21-1. Putting People First: The Healing Power of Indoor Air
pdf_icon.png PDF | mp4-icon.png MP4 Video

21-2. Low Ambient Humidity Impairs Barrier Function and Innate Resistance Against Influenza Infection
pdf_icon.png PDF | mp4-icon.png MP4 Video

21-3. Operating and Intensive Care Room Hospital Acquired Infection Prevention Safety Surveillance System
pdf_icon.png PDF | mp4-icon.png MP4 Video

2019 Winter Conference

Seminar 1 -- Updating Scientific Evidence about the Effects of Low Humidity on People

1-1. RP–1630, “Update the Scientific Evidence for Specifying Lower Limit Relative Humidity Levels for Comfort, Health and IEQ in Occupied Spaces”
pdf_icon.png PDF | mp4-icon.png MP4

1-2. 40 Is the New 20, Balanced Air-Hydration for Health!
pdf_icon.png PDF | mp4-icon.png MP4

1-3. Limiting Criteria for Human Exposure to Low Humidity
pdf_icon.png PDF | mp4-icon.png MP4

Seminar 37 -- Space Pressurization for Infection Control and Hospital Accreditation

37-1. Controlling Contaminants with Space Pressurization
pdf_icon.png PDF | mp4-icon.png MP4 Video
37-2. Creating a Program to Identify and Monitor Pressurized Spaces in a Hospital
pdf_icon.png PDF| mp4-icon.png MP4 Video

Seminar 56 -- Humidity IS Health

56-1. The Effects of Indoor-Air Relative Humidity on Health Outcomes and Cognitive Function in Residents in a Long-term Care Facility
pdf_icon.png PDF | mp4-icon.png MP4 Video

56-2. The Impact of Steam Humidification on Influenza Virus in Preschool Classrooms
pdf_icon.png PDF | mp4-icon.png MP4 Video

56-3. New Options! Fogging Systems in Healthcare Applications
pdf_icon.png PDF | mp4-icon.png MP4 Video

56-4. Estimating the Break-even Point of the Most Common Steam and Adiabatic Systems
pdf_icon.png PDF | mp4-icon.png MP4 Video

Seminars Available for Purchase

2015 Winter Conference

Seminar 49 -- Isolation Room Design, Research and Construction (Case Study)

2014 Annual Conference

Seminar 27 -- Airborne Particle and Bacteria Control Technologies and Flow Demand Control for Energy Conservation in Critical and Controlled Environments

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