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  • Season 5

    38. Danielle Passaglia Talks Lucy's Engineering Adventures (And Going Green)

    Danielle Passaglia, lucy's engineering adventure, lucy goes green

    Danielle Passaglia, P.E., Member ASHRAE

    Join Journal Assistant Editor Sara Omer with guest Danielle Passaglia, senior mechanical engineer at SmithGroup and author of Lucy’s Engineering Adventure and Lucy Goes Green as they discuss the impact of ASHRAE’s first book series for children and the intricacies of STEM-focused youth outreach.


    37. Transitioning to Low Global Warming Potential Refrigerants

    stet sanborn, doug reindl

    Stet Sanborn, AIA, Member ASHRAE, and Douglas Reindl, P.E., Ph.D., Fellow ASHRAE

    Join Ryan Shanley, Senior Manager of Standards, as he moderates this episode with guests Doug Reindl and Stet Sanborn on the transition from high GWP to ultra-low GWP refrigerants; the marketplace for A1, A2 and A3 refrigerants; and how this phase of flammable refrigerants use impacts ASHRAE Standard 15, Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems, and ASHRAE Standard 15.2, Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems in Residential Applications.


    36. Progression of Energy Efficiency Regulations on Fans

    Michael Ivanovich, Member ASHRAE, and Christian Taber, Ph.D., BEMP, HBDP, Member ASHRAE

    Join Journal Managing Editor Kelly Barraza and guests Christian Taber and Michael Ivanovich as they discuss how the fans and blowers industry has evolved in recent years. Key talking points will include the progression of energy efficiency regulations on fans, ASHRAE Standard 90.1, large diameter ceiling and circulating fans, drives, and commercial and industrial applications of the technology.


    35. Guideline 42: Enhanced IAQ for Commercial & Institutional Facilities

    Tina Brueckner, Member ASHRAE, and Jennifer Isenbeck, P.E., Member ASHRAE

    Indoor air quality (IAQ) has consistently been a sticking point with facility owners and operators. Join Tina Brueckner and Jennifer Isenbeck as they discuss how engineers, industrial hygienists, and other practitioners in the industry can follow ASHRAE Guideline 42 Enhanced IAQ for Commercial & Institutional Facilities to enhance indoor environmental quality for occupants.


    34. Paths to Leadership in ASHRAE

    Billy Austin, P.E., BCxP, BEAP, BEMP, CHD, HBDP, HFDP, OPMP, Fellow ASHRAE, Society Vice President; Sarah Maston, P.E., BCxP, Member ASHRAE; and Erica Powell, CEM, Associate Member ASHRAE, President, Southern Piedmont Chapter

    It can be hard to know how to get involved when you’re just starting out, but the rewards that come with finding out can be exponential for your personal and professional development. Join Billy Austin, Sarah Maston and Host Erica Powell as they discuss their own experiences, paths to ASHRAE leadership and how to make the most of your first TC meeting.


    33. Live From AHR Expo 2024 - Standard 100-2024 Updates

    Glenn Friedman, P.E., Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE; Jamie Kono, P.E., Associate Member ASHRAE; and Mike Williams, Member ASHRAE

    Live from the 2024 AHR Expo show floor, join Glenn Friedman, Jamie Kono, Mike Williams and Drew Champlin as they discuss recent updates to Standard 100-2024 and how decarbonization initiatives have been shaping the industry. The new edition of Standard 100 addresses key issues of climate change surrounding building performance, including new metrics for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets, continuing to carry the heavy weight of improving our existing building stock and meeting global climate change commitments.


    This podcast is brought to you by Metraflex.

    32. Strainers and Their Uses in Hydronic Systems

    Mike Gallagher, P.E., Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE

    Join Journal Editor Drew Champlin and Mike Gallagher as they discuss how strainers are used in hydronic systems along with the differences between wye, basket and inlet strainers and address common mistakes when applying strainers.

  • Season 4

    31. Tackling the Climate Crisis With 2023–24 ASHRAE President Ginger Scoggins

    Ginger Scoggins, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, 2023-24 ASHRAE President

    Join ASHRAE Journal Managing Editor Kelly Barraza and ASHRAE President Ginger Scoggins as they discuss tackling the climate crisis, approaching issues of cost when implementing decarbonization strategies and what’s in store for the rest of Scoggins’ tenure.


    30. District Energy Systems – Designing for Longevity

    Left, Alec Cusick; Gary Phetteplace; Steven Tredinnick

    Alec Cusick, Associate Member ASHRAE; Steven Tredinnick, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE; Gary Phetteplace, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE and ASHRAE Journal Editor Drew Champlin discuss why it’s critical that the steam and water pipes in district energy environments be designed with longevity in mind.


    29. VRF Basics & Proper Installation Techniques

    Kelley Cramm, P.E., Life Member ASHRAE

    Kelley Cramm, P.E., Life Member ASHRAE, and Drew Champlin, Editor of ASHRAE Journal, discuss the basics of VRF systems and how to keep them from failing. Learn more on installation practices and how engineers and contractors can ensure owners are getting a quality installation.


    28. Where There’s Smoke, There’s HVAC

    Left, Dr. Rebecca Schmidt; Greg Nilsson

    Daniel Bourque, Greg Nilsson, and Dr. Rebecca Schmidt discuss ASHRAE Guideline 44P, Protecting Building Occupants from Smoke During Wildfire and Prescribed Burn Events, and how wildfire smoke impacts buildings, people and public health.


    27. Revolutionizing Data Center Sustainability With AI and Purpose-Built Solutions

    Left, Mukul Anand; Joe Prisco

    Data center operators and owners have strict sustainability goals, and it is paramount mission-critical data centers are equipped with innovative solutions to help achieve these goals as quickly as possible. Join Host Thomas Loxley with Mukul Anand and Joe Prisco as they discuss the current “hot aisle-cold aisle” design and how purposefully designed data centers can achieve optimal performance and efficiency driven by artificial intelligence.


    26. Infectious Aerosol Control: Understanding Standard 241

    Left, William Bahnfleth; Max Sherman

    Join ASHRAE’s Manager of Codes, Emily Toto, as she speaks with Bill Bahnfleth, Ph.D., P.E., Presidential/Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE, and Max Sherman, Ph.D., Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE, about ASHRAE Standard 241, Control of Infectious Aerosols. The trio discusses the motivation behind developing the newly approved Standard, some of the minimum requirements it establishes and how it was approved so quickly.


    25. Residential Buildings: Energy Efficiency, Decarbonization and Standard 90.2

    Left, Rachel Romero; Philip W. Fairey; Dr. Theresa Weston

    Join Rachel Romero, P.E., Member ASHRAE; Theresa Weston, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE; and Philip W. Fairey, Life Member ASHRAE, as they talk residential applications and ASHRAE’s contributions to the residential space. The discussion also includes insights into ASHRAE Standards 90.2 and 62.2, IEQ, resiliency and decarbonization in residential buildings.


    24. Thermal Comfort

    Left, Robert Bean; Peter Simmonds

    Join Robert Bean, Fellow ASHRAE, and Peter Simmonds, Ph.D., Fellow Life Member of ASHRAE, as they discuss thermal comfort in buildings and the application of ASHRAE Standard 55, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy, in real-world settings.


    23. Ventilation in Theory vs. Ventilation in Practice

    Left, Andrew Persily; Meghan McNulty

    Join Andrew Persily, Ph.D., Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE, and Meghan McNulty, P.E., Member ASHRAE, as they discuss disconnects between design intent and performance when ventilating buildings and how ventilation theory and research play out in real-world applications.


    This episode is provided with support from Carrier.

    22. Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

    Left, Bob McFarlane; Terry L. Rodgers; Marcus Hassen

    ASHRAE’s Manager of Codes, Emily Toto, and Assistant Manager of Standards, Thomas Loxley, speak with Marcus Hassen, P.E., Chair of SSPC 90.4; and Bob McFarlane and Terry Rodgers, founding members of SSPC 90.4; about data centers’ energy efficiencies as well as the committee's latest publication: Standard 90.4-2022.

  • Season 3

    21. Securing Our Future: Live at the 2023 AHR Expo With ASHRAE President Farooq Mehboob

    Farooq Mehboob

    Hosts: Kelly Barraza and Kaitlyn Baich

    Current 2022–2023 ASHRAE President Farooq Mehboob is spotlighted in this episode, which was recorded live at the 2023 AHR Expo in Atlanta, Ga. This interview covers Farooq’s rich life experience as a building science engineer and consultant, which started in his native country of Pakistan in the 70s­—a time of great civil and political unrest—and also speaks to pressing industry trends like decarbonization, AI in building systems, and the important groundwork accomplished at COP27 in Egypt last year. Co-hosted by ASHRAE Journal Managing Editor Kelly Barraza and Assistant Editor Kaitlyn Baich.


    20. Engineering & HVAC in the Developing World

    Left, William M. Worek; Julio C. Guerrero

    Host: John Falcioni

    The impact of engineering on humanity cannot be overstated. We speak with William M. Worek, Ph.D., Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE and Julio C. Guerrero, Ph.D., who with a group of partners on the ground in Peru created a system to heat the homes of people who live high in the Andean regions of Peru. These residents face severe cold temperatures during the winter, so for them, this work is not about the engineering involved, but rather it is a matter of survival.


    19. The Implications of IIJA and IRA on HVAC&R

    Left, Alice Yates; Matthew Young

    Host: John Falcioni

    How do the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) impact ASHRAE members and the HVAC&R industry as a whole? Join Alice Yates, director of government affairs for ASHRAE, and Matthew Young, manager of government affairs, as they give an overview of the bills and discuss the breadth of their funding.


    18. Breaking Into HVAC&R: Challenges of Being a Young Engineer

    Left, Niss Feiner; Elizabeth Primeau

    Host: Kaitlyn Baich

    You’re only out of school a few years and you’re excited to join the HVAC&R industry: Great jobs, great profession, great community, good money. But when you break into the industry, you discover that—in many cases—you’re among the youngest in the company, let alone in the room. Turn off or great opportunity? Join Elizabeth Primeau, Associate Member ASHRAE, and Niss Feiner, C.E.T., CHD, Student Branch Advisor Member ASHRAE, in a conversation with ASHRAE Journal Assistant Editor Kaitlyn Baich on why being young can be a good thing in a traditionally older industry.


    17. Are We Ready for Artificial Intelligence in Building Design?

    Left, Zoltan Nagy; Rania Labib

    Host: John Falcioni

    Don’t miss Dr. Zoltan Nagy, the director of the Intelligent Environments Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin, and Dr. Rania Labib, who established the Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Buildings Lab at Prairie View A&M University, as they talk with ASHRAE Journal Editor John Falcioni on the opportunities and challenges that come with artificial intelligence/machine learning in building design and operations. They also discuss the questions facing the industry in accepting these new tools and the difficulties in preparing the next generation of AI-savvy engineers. 


    16. Diversity in HVAC&R—Driving Technology Through Workforce Development

    Left, Eleazar Rivera; Jeannette Hay; Cuauhtemoc Aguirre

    Host: John Falcioni

    Join three ASHRAE volunteer leaders from Mexico—Jeannette Hay, Associate Member ASHRAE, the current president of the Monterrey chapter; Eleazar Rivera, Member ASHRAE, past president of the Monterrey chapter; and Cuauhtemoc Aguirre, Member ASHRAE, the president of the Guadalajara chapter—in a conversation with ASHRAE Journal Editor John Falcioni on the impact of Latinos in the HVAC&R industry in North and South America… and much more!

    Escucha y ve el podcast-video en Español aquí

    Diversidad en HVAC&R—Impulsar la Tecnología a Través del Desarrollo de la Fuerza Laboral 

    Anfitrión: John Falcioni

    Unase a tres líderes voluntarios de ASHRAE de México: Jeannette Hay, presidenta de la sección de Monterrey en México; Eleazar Rivera, ex presidente de la sección de Monterrey; y Cuauhtemoc Aguirre, presidente de la sección de Guadalajara, en una conversación con el editor de ASHRAE Journal, John Falcioni, sobre el impacto de los latinos en la industria de HVAC&R en América del Norte y América del Sur… y mucho más!


    15. Industry 4.0: The Beckoning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Left, Michael Cooper; Stephen Heard; Bob Tonner

    Host: John Falcioni

    Industry 4.0 is the term used in digital technology to describe the gathering, analysis and use of data in every step of manufacturing and other processes to maximize efficiency. The same technology that ensures getting the most out of these systems will optimize HVAC systems and revolutionize how we work and live. Join Michael Cooper, P.E., Member ASHRAE; Stephen Heard, P.E.; Bob Tonner; and ASHRAE Journal Editor John Falcioni as they examine the impact and challenges that the Industrial Internet of Things is having on HVAC&R in residential and commercial buildings.

  • Season 2

    14. Are Ground-Source Heat Pumps Our Future?

    Left, Garen Ewbank; Steve Hamstra

    “When we have something that works, we just tend to do that over and over again… we’re all liability averse, but there’s also a place, especially now, for us to consider new and emerging technologies,” says Steve Hamstra, P.E., HBDP, Member ASHRAE. Join Hamstra and Garen Ewbank, Member ASHRAE, as they discuss the implementation, reliability and resiliency of ground-source heat pumps; the cost, incentives and benefits of retrofitting with new technology; and why the future looks bright for the industry.


    13. Cybersecurity in the HVAC Industry: Breaking Down the Risks

    Left, David Branson; Michael Galler; Anto Budiardjo

    Methods for intrusion have really become more complicated and more complex, and so the solutions have become more complex to deal with them,” says David Branson, P.E., BCxP, Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE. Join Branson, Michael Galler, Member ASHRAE, and Anto Budiardjo as they examine various aspects of cybersecurity within HVAC&R, including hazards and the origins of threats. They also discuss areas to be cognizant of to prevent breaches and share some of the solutions that the IT industry has successfully implemented which could also serve HVAC markets, including the importance of managing networks.


    12. Practical Energy-Efficient Best Practices for Hospitals

    Left, Mick Schwedler; Tim Peglow

    “Getting an efficient operating infrastructure does help, and it's always cheaper to do it on the initial build than it is to go back and retrofit,” said Tim Peglow, P.E., Associate Member ASHRAE. Join Peglow and 2021–22 ASHRAE President Mick Schwedler, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, as they discuss practical energy-efficient applications in hospitals and the 50% Advanced Energy Design Guide (AEDG), a sensible approach for engineers and building owners and operators to easily achieve advanced levels of energy savings without having to resort to detailed calculations or analysis.


    11. Encouraging Energy Use Efficiency: From Cold Stores to Office Buildings

    Left, Andy Pearson; Julie Godefroy; Hywel Davies

    Because energy costs have risen since the 1990s, there’s a greater willingness today to share information about energy efficiency, said Andy Pearson, Ph.D., C.Eng., Fellow ASHRAE. Join Pearson, Julie Godefroy, Ph.D., C.Eng., and Hywel Davies, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE, as they identify how careful measurements and management of energy in cold stores and office buildings can result in significant benefits for stakeholders.


    10. Lessons Learned: What I Wish I'd Known When I Became an Engineer

    S2E10 headshot-no logo

    Left, Katherine Hammack; Jennifer Leach

    “I think just being visible and accessible is the key to mentorship. When you open yourself up to the opportunity—whether you’re giving it or receiving it—then friendships are formed and bonds are made,” said Jennifer Leach, P.E., Member ASHRAE. Leach and Katherine Hammack, Fellow ASHRAE, talk mentorship, lessons learned from past experiences and how engineers should nurture their curiosity on this episode of ASHRAE Journal Podcast.


    9. Uncovering Unconscious Bias in the HVAC&R Industry

    Guests, left, Dunstan Macauley, Carrie Anne Monplaisir and Devin Abellon

    Left, Dunstan Macauley; Carrie Anne Monplaisir; Devin Abellon

    “Equity is the goal we strive for,” says Vice President Dunstan Macauley, P.E., HBDP, Member ASHRAE. Join Macauley; Regional Vice Chair for the Young Engineers in ASHRAE Committee Carrie Anne Monplaisir, Associate Member ASHRAE; and Region X Director and Regional Chair Devin Abellon, P.E., Member ASHRAE, as they discuss how ASHRAE and the engineering industry can be more inclusive. 


    8. HVAC in Space: Creating Extraterrestrial Indoor Environments

    Left, John Constantinide; Hamidreza Najafi

    In outer space applications, HVAC is a matter of survival—not comfort or health, according to Hamidreza Najafi, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE. To kick off ASHRAE Journal Podcast’s second season, Najafi and John Constantinide, P.E., Member ASHRAE, discuss how HVAC&R technologies used on Earth can be applied to extraterrestrial indoor environments as well as the opportunities ASHRAE has to help shape the built environment in space. 


  • Season 1

    7. What Controlled Environment Agriculture Demands of HVAC Systems

    Guests Dan Dettmers and Kyle Booth

    Left, Dan Dettmers; Kyle Booth

    “Lumens are for humans,” but not plants—including cannabis, says Kyle Booth, Associate Member ASHRAE. Booth and Dan Dettmers, Member ASHRAE, discuss what controlled environment agriculture demands of HVAC systems, the patchwork regulations born from increasing legalization of cannabis and how cannabis grow facilities are helping the CEA and HVAC&R industries develop equipment as the “grow local” food movement gets louder.


    6. Behind the Design of ASHRAE's New Global HQ

    Season 1 Episode 6 Guests

    Left, Gregory Walker; Ginger Scoggins; Stanton Stafford

    ASHRAE’s new global headquarters proves it is possible to transform a 1970s-era building into a net zero energy, low carbon operating office—on a budget. On this episode, the architect, mechanical engineer of record and project manager of ASHRAE’s new HQ discuss what went into deciding which systems to use and how the building would operate. 


    5. Demystifying Decarbonization

    Don Colliver and Tom Phoenix

    Left, Donald Colliver; Thomas Phoenix

    Building decarbonization is an industry trend, talking point and hot topic. But why is it important, how specifically might it affect building professionals and how is ASHRAE involved? The co-chairs of ASHRAE’s Task Force for Building Decarbonization—Donald Colliver, Ph.D., P.E., Presidential/Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE, and Thomas Phoenix, P.E., BEMP, Presidential/Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE—define, demystify and deconstruct building decarbonization. 


    4. 'There’s No Such Thing as a Free Thermodynamic Lunch'

    John Straube and Joseph Lstiburek

    Left, John Straube; Joseph Lstiburek

    “We need to be able to be more honest about what doesn’t work and share those failures so that our next projects can be better,” says John Straube, Ph.D., P.Eng., Associate Member ASHRAE. On this episode, Straube and Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng., Fellow ASHRAE, discuss why human judgment is critical to a better built environment. 


    3. Exploring HVAC&R’s New Connected Data Frontier

    Sheila Hayter and Chuck Gulledge

    Left, Sheila Hayter; Chuck Gulledge

    The HVAC&R industry’s new frontier centers on designers and engineers understanding how to collect, analyze and use data to design and operate adaptive buildings. Sheila Hayter, P.E., Presidential Member/Fellow ASHRAE, and Chuck Gulledge, P.E., HBDP, Presidential Member/Fellow ASHRAE, discuss how the HVAC&R industry is evolving with digital-driven technologies and knowledge. 


    2. What You Don't Know Can Kill You

    Left, Mike Gallagher; Greg Nilsson

    Last year as wildfires raged in California, some building owners closed outdoor intakes but left bathroom intakes open, pulling smoke into their buildings. Greg Nilsson and Mike Gallagher, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, discuss ASHRAE’s proposed guideline on protecting building occupants from smoke during wildfire and prescribed burn events and offer some tips for engineers, facility managers and owners. 


    1. 'If You Were Waiting for the Opportune Moment, This Is It'

    Left, William Bahnfleth; Jason DeGraw

    Epidemic Task Force Chair William Bahnfleth, Ph.D., P.E., Presidential Member/Fellow ASHRAE, and Jason DeGraw, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE, discuss the task force’s guidance, including its Core Recommendations and how the COVID-19 pandemic could create long-lasting change in the HVAC&R industry. 


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