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K-12/STEM Activities

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Lesson Plans for All Age Groups

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pdf_icon.png Cleaning Up Lake Barcroft

pdf_icon.png Creative Cardboard Engineering

pdf_icon.png Dome Home

pdf_icon.png First You See It, Then You Hear It

Helpful Engineering Games

pdf_icon.png Music Ideas

pdf_icon.png Paper Table

pdf_icon.png Plant Problem

pdf_icon.png Powering Your Cellphone

pdf_icon.png Resistance is Futile

pdf_icon.png Slime

pdf_icon.png Spaceship to Mars

pdf_icon.png Star Scraper

pdf_icon.png Tools of the Trade

pdf_icon.png Wind Farm

pdf_icon.png Zip Line

Elementary School Lesson Plans

pdf_icon.png Build a Bunny Copter

pdf_icon.png Cardboard Columns

Electricity for Kids: Fun Experiments, Free Games, and More!

pdf_icon.png Engineering Alphabet

Engineering Games and Projects

pdf_icon.png Go Fish

pdf_icon.png Ice Cream

pdf_icon.png Interactive Projects - JETS, NTN, OM

pdf_icon.png Interactive Projects

pdf_icon.png Leave it to Levers

pdf_icon.png Make a Vegetable Oil Tanker

pdf_icon.png Music Ears

pdf_icon.png Newton's Apple

pdf_icon.png Oscilloscope

pdf_icon.png Put a Lid on It

pdf_icon.png Sliders-Glider

pdf_icon.png Slip Sliding Away

pdf_icon.png Soap Boats

Elementary and Middle School Lesson Plans

pdf_icon.png Air Push

pdf_icon.png Clean It Up Activity

pdf_icon.png Eggciting

pdf_icon.png Human Suspension Bridge

pdf_icon.png Lemon Battery Challenge

pdf_icon.png Keep a Cube

pdf_icon.png Meet in the Middle

pdf_icon.png Microprocessor PBandJ

pdf_icon.png Paper Clip Motor Activity

pdf_icon.png Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

pdf_icon.png Rocket-Powered Ski Lift

pdf_icon.png Rockets Away

pdf_icon.png Sounds of Music

pdf_icon.png Technology of the Deep: Energy-Efficient Vehicles

pdf_icon.png USA Today and Explorers

pdf_icon.png Wetlands

pdf_icon.png Which Material Would You Use

Middle School Lesson Plans

pdf_icon.png A Metal to Remember

pdf_icon.png Dance Mania

pdf_icon.png Explorers' Aid Vehicle

pdf_icon.png Hidden Alarm

pdf_icon.png Kicking Machine

pdf_icon.png Kinetics

pdf_icon.png Machines and Tools

pdf_icon.png Magnetic Personalities

pdf_icon.png Shaky Ground

pdf_icon.png Sky Floater Challenge

pdf_icon.png Sun Central Activity

Middle and High School Lesson Plans

pdf_icon.png A Sample of Slinky Science

pdf_icon.png Better Water Activity

pdf_icon.png Boomerangs

pdf_icon.png Diaper Dissection

pdf_icon.png Engineer's Eye View of a Toaster

pdf_icon.png Harmless Holder Activity

pdf_icon.png Helping Hand Activity

pdf_icon.png High Rise

pdf_icon.png Hold Your Water

pdf_icon.png Horsepower

pdf_icon.png Human Arch

pdf_icon.png Materials Science: A Continuing Frontier

pdf_icon.png Mousetrap Powered Vehicle

pdf_icon.png Power from Ocean Waves

pdf_icon.png Pump It UP

pdf_icon.png Rocket Transportation

pdf_icon.png Rubber Band Car

pdf_icon.png Running on Sunshine

pdf_icon.png Speaking with Light

pdf_icon.png Test Your Design Skills

pdf_icon.png The Trouble with Aliens

pdf_icon.png Ups & Downs in Designs

pdf_icon.png Wash Out

pdf_icon.png Watercraft

pdf_icon.png Zip Line

High School Lesson Plans

pdf_icon.png Air-Powered Bottle Rocket

pdf_icon.png Catalysis: Change for the Better

pdf_icon.png Feel the Heat

pdf_icon.png Human Energy and Space Fitness

pdf_icon.png Making Glass

Additional Resources

pdf_icon.png Additional Resources for Class Activities