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McHenry "Mack" Wallace, Jr., P.E., LEED® AP

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ASHRAE Course Instructor

McHenry (Mack) Wallace, P.E., Member ASHRAE, LEED® AP


    McHenry "Mack" Wallace, Jr. has been a mechanical contractor, consulting engineer, and a registered engineer in Texas for over 30 years. Mack is heavily involved on the front lines of the energy conservation industry, having served the past 23 years on the ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Committee. Mack was the engineer of record for many award-winning projects, including the Historic Preservation of the Texas State Capitol Building. Mack was director of design build services for TXU Energy and responsible for developing and guaranteeing the savings on many energy savings projects. He has trained thousands of engineers and architects world-wide on ASHRAE 90.1, and he is the co-author of Significant Changes to International Energy Conservation Code and ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1. Currently, Mack splits his time between Jacobs and his own company, WiseWatt LLP.

    Course Taught

    6 hours

    ASHRAE 90.1-2022: Starting the Path to Net Zero Buildings (6 Hour)

    ASHRAE 90.1 Code Compliance and Plan Review for Authorities Having Jurisdiction

    Complying with Standard 90.1-2016

    Complying with Standard 90.1-2013

    Energy Modeling Best Practices and Applications

    Exceeding Standard 90.1-2013 to Meet LEED® Requirements (6 hours)

    3 Hour

    Complying with Standard 90.1-2016: Appendix G

    Complying with Standard 90.1-2016: HVAC/Mechanical

    Complying with Standard 90.1-2013: HVAC/Mechanical

    Exceeding Standard 90.1-2013 to Meet LEED® Requirements

    Starting the Path to Net Zero Buildings Using ASHRAE 90.1-2022 (3 hour)