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COVID-19: One Page Guidance Documents

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Ventilation for Industrial Settings During the COVID-19 Pandemic
pdf_icon.png ACGIH White Paper Series coauthored with ASHRAE (June 2021)

Practical Guidance for Vaccine Refrigerated Transportation and Storage Abstract
pdf_icon.png June 28, 2021

Laboratory One Page Guidance
pdf_icon.png February 8, 2021

Guidance for Small Temporary Dining Structures
pdf_icon.png January 25, 2021

In-Room Air Cleaner Guidance for Reducing Covid-19 In Air In Your Space/Room
pdf_icon.png January 21, 2021

Core Recommendations for Reducing Airborne Infectious Aerosol Exposure
pdf_icon.png October 19, 2021

ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force Laboratory Subcommittee Guidance Document
pdf_icon.png November 12, 2020

One Page Guidance for Re-Opening Buildings
pdf_icon.png September 2021
pdf_icon.png em Português

One Page Guidance for Residential Buildings
pdf_icon.png June 24, 2021

Guidance for Polling Place HVAC Systems
pdf_icon.png August 19, 2020
pdf_icon.png em Português

One Page Guidance for Reopening Schools
pdf_icon.png August 20, 2020
pdf_icon.png en Español
pdf_icon.png em Português

Environmental Health Emerging Issue Brief
pdf_icon.png Pandemic COVID-19 and Airborne Transmission

Does ASHRAE’s guidance agree with guidance from WHO and CDC?
pdf_icon.png August 23, 2021

Guidance from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):
Indoor Air and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

ASHRAE Letter to World Health Organization
pdf_icon.png ASHRAE Letter to WHO (March 23, 2020)