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Building for People and Performance. Achieving Operational Excellence.

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  • Certification

    ASHRAE certification programs were founded to meet the industry needs of today and provide value to thousands of built-environment professionals, employers and building owners.

    For the past 100+ years ASHRAE has worked hard to earn and maintain a worldwide reputation for being the leader in HVAC&R design. ASHRAE certification programs serve to reinforce that reputation.

    For complete details and a full list of all ASHRAE Certifications:

    All Certifications

    Building Commissioning Professional (BCxP) certification:
    Validates competency to lead, plan, coordinate and manage a commissioning team to implement commissioning processes in new and existing buildings.

    Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP) certification:
    Validates competency to assess building systems and site conditions; analyze and evaluate equipment and energy usage; and recommend strategies to optimize building resource utilization. 

    Operations & Performance Management Professional (OPMP) certification:
    Validates competency to manage facility operations and maintenance to achieve building performance goals, including those related to indoor environmental quality, health and safety.

  • Education

    The ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) offers a wide range of professional development seminars and short courses. ALI seminars/courses provide high-quality, authoritative and credible technical information, with all content developed through ALI’s peer-review process.


    For a complete list of all Instructor-Led Courses:


    For a complete list of all Self-Directed Learning:


    Instructor-Led Courses

    Effective Energy Management in New & Existing Buildings 6 hours (I-P units)

    Energy Management Best Practices 3 hours (I-P units)

    Guideline 36: Best in Class HVAC Control Sequences (New 2019!) 3 hours (I-P units)

    IgCC and ASHRAE Standard 189.1 Technical Provisions (New 2019!) 3 hours (I-P units)

    Improving Existing Building Operation  12 hours (I-P units)

    Operations & Maintenance of High-Performance Buildings 6 hours (I-P units)

    Self-Directed Learning

    Fundamentals of Building Operation Maintenance and Management 35 hours (Dual units)

  • Publications

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    Full details on how to access items are included with each publication type listed below.

    ASHRAE Bookstore


    Books are available for sale in the ASHRAE online bookstore.
    ASHRAE members receive a discount with their purchase by logging in with their member credentials.

    Purchase Books

    Published by ASHRAE
    • UFAD Guide: Design, Construction and Operation of Underfloor Air Distribution Systems
    • UFAD O&M Guide: A Practical Guide for Operation and Maintenance of Underfloor Air Distribution Systems
    • District Cooling Guide, 2nd ed.
    • District Heating Guide
    • ASHRAE GreenGuide: Design, Construction, and Operation of Sustainable Buildings, 5th ed.
    • Performance Measurement Protocols for Commercial Buildings
    • Performance Measurement Protocols for Commercial Buildings: Best Practices Guide
    • Guide for Preparing Active Solar Heating Systems Operation and Maintenance Manuals
    • Advanced Energy Design Guides
    • Indoor Air Quality Guide: Best Practices for Design, Construction, and Commissioning
    • Residential Indoor Air Quality Guide: Best Practices for Home Design, Construction, Operation, and Maintenance
    • Ventilation for Environmental Tobacco Smoke
    • ASHRAE Datacom Series
    • Cogeneration Design Guide
    • Commissioning, Preventive Maintenance, and Troubleshooting Guide for Commercial Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems
    • Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits, Second Edition
    • Solar Domestic and Service Hot Water Manual
    • ASHRAE Guide for Sustainable Refrigerated Facilities and Refrigeration Systems
    • Refrigeration Commissioning Guide for Commercial and Industrial Systems
    • ASHRAE Design Guide for Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
    • ASHRAE Laboratory Design Guide, Second Edition
    • ASHRAE Guide for Buildings in Hot and Humid Climates, 2nd ed.
    • Humidity Control Design Guide for Commercial and Institutional Buildings
    • Handbook of Smoke Control Engineering
    • Chiller Heat Recovery Application Guide
    • Active and Passive Beam Application Design Guide (co-publication with REHVA)
    Books Published by Others
    • NAVFAC MO-405 Maintenance and Operation of Active Solar Heating Systems

    Handbook Chapters

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    Others can purchase the handbooks through the online bookstore.

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    2019 HVAC Applications
    • Chapter 37, Energy Use and Management
    • Chapter 38, Owning and Operating Costs
    • Chapter 39, Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing
    • Chapter 40, Operation and Maintenance
    • Chapter 42, Building Energy and Water Monitoring
    • Chapter 43, Supervisory Control Strategies and Optimization
    • Chapter 48, Design and Application of Controls
    • Chapter 65, Occupant-Centric Sensing and Controls
    2017 Fundamentals
    • Chapter 9, Thermal Comfort
    • Chapter 10, Indoor Environmental Health
    • Chapter 35, Sustainability

    ASHRAE Journal

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    Technology Portal

    • Owners And O&M
    • Operations and Maintenance: O&M for Green Buildings: Are Operations Prepared?
    • ASHRAE Building EQ Program Will Help Owners, Operators Assess Buildings, and Guide Good Decisions
    • Emerging Technologies: Saving Energy with Building Commissioning
    • Facility Information Systems for Post-Occupancy Commissioning
    • Total Cost of Ownership for Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Chiller Systems
    • Long-Term Commercial GSHP Performance, Part 6: Maintenance and Controls
    • Sovling the O&M Equation
    • System Maintenance: Comparing Constant-Speed and Variable-Speed Centrifugal Chillers
    • Continuous Maintenance for College Campus
    • Smart Maintenance For Rooftop Units
    • 2000 ASHRAE Technology Awards - Energy Efficient O&M for Airport
    • Operating and maintaining rooftop air conditioners

    ASHRAE Transactions and Conference Papers

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    2019 Winter Conference
    • A Comparison of the Annual Energy Use of Fixed and Variable Airflow Parallel Fan-Powered Terminal Units in a Small Office Building (AT-2019-004)
    • Restoring Trust: How Building Automation, Operators and Tenants Restored Indoor Environmental Conditions Following Failed Improvement Measures (AT-2019-C026)
    • The Convergence of Standard 90.1, 62.1 and 55: Examples of Energy Efficiency Measures (AT-2019-C027)
    • Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency (AT-2019-C028)
    • Energy Performance, Comfort and Lessons Learned from a Net-Zero Energy Library (AT-2019-007)
    2018 Winter Conference
    • Building Automation System Alarm Management for Operation and Maintenance Decision Making (CH-18-C001)
    • Dynamic HVAC Operations with Real-Time Vision-Based Occupant Recognition System (CH-18-C019)
    • Case Study: How to Handle a 50 Percent Increase in Occupancy While Maintaining Indoor Air Quality (CH-18-C020)
    • Effective Cooling of Server Boards in Data Centers By Liquid Immersion Based on Natural Convection Demonstrating PUE below 1.04 (CH-18-C052)
    • Cooling System with Nearly Zero Cooling Power for Server Rooms (CH-18-C054)
    • Efficient Cooling and Heat Recovery with VRF Systems in Embedded Data Centers (CH-18-C056)
    • Software-Based Fault Detection for Multi-Circuit Building Lighting Systems (CH-18-015)
    • Energy Modelling Methodology for Community Master Planning (CH-18-017)
    2017 Annual Conference
    • Retrofit of Commercial Buildings Using a Gas Heat Pump System (LB-17-C041)
    • Interpreting Occupant-Building Interactions for Improved Office Building Design and Operation (LB-17-014)
    • An Analytical Approach to the Impact of Heat Waves on Buildings and Their Occupants (LB-17-C002)
    • Comparison of the Energy Saving Potential between Centralized and Decentralized Pumping Systems under Various Flow Conditions (LB-17-C068)
    • CFD Investigation on Parameters Affecting the Thermal Performance of Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers in District Cooling Plants (LB-17-C069)
    • Large Campus Loop Performance Improvement, Negative Pressure Issue (LB-17-C070)
    • Evaluating and Improving the Chilled Water System of a Data Center Using Flow Network Modeling (LB-17-C071)
    2017 Winter Conference
    • Energy and Water Environmental Trade-Offs of Data Center Cooling Technologies (LV-17-C004)
    • Case Study: Using Simulation Techniques to Optimize Migrations in an Existing Mission Critical Data Center (LV-17-C006)
    • Restoring Acceptable HVAC Performance with Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation Coil Treatment (LV-17-C007)
    • Real Time Data Monitoring to Get Operations on Track (LV-17-C029)
    • An Application of Energy Conservation Measures to a Middle-Sized Factory Using Energy Management System (LV-17-C023)
    • Energy Efficiency in Buildings Inside Oil Refineries (LV-17-C024)

    HPB Magazine

    All HPB Magazine articles are available for free download through the magazine Content Archive. Browse the list or use the search function to find and download a paper.

    HPB Papers

    • Ten Tips for Operating and Maintaining High Performance Buildings
    • Living Building at Georgia Tech: Designing and Operating for Health and Happiness
    • From Reactive to Predictive: A Shift in Facilities Management Practices
    • Duct Leakage Testing is a Must
    • From Reactive to Predictive: A Shift in Facilities Management Practices
    • Five Questions to Ask When Considering Automated Demand Response for Facility
    • IoT is Smart for Buildings


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    May 2017 Issue
    • An Open-Source Automated Continuous Condition-based Maintenance Platform for Commercial Buildings – Katipamula. (Operations)
    • Theoretical and experimental investigations on horizontal heat pipe heat exchanger using composite wick structure for heat recovery in air conditioning system – Jadhav. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Transient operation characteristics and control method in combined air-conditioning system – Jeong. (IEQ)
    • Heat pump application in nearly zero energy buildings – Wemhoener (Energy Efficiency)
    • Canadian low-energy housing: National energy context, and a case study of a demonstration house with focus on its ground-source heat pump – Minea. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Low energy LED lighting heat gain distribution in buildings Part I: Approach and pilot test – Liu. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Low energy LED lighting heat gain distribution in buildings part II: LED luminaire selection and test results – Liu. (Energy Efficiency)
    July 2017 Issue
    • An empirical model for simulating the effects of refrigerant charge faults on air conditioner performance – Cheung. (Operations)
    • Selection of EEMs to enhance the effectiveness of precooling in residential buildings in hot arid climate – Arababadi. (Operations)
    • Recent Advances on Heat and Mass Transfer in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems – Cremaschi, Lorenzo (contact); Moghaddam, Saeed. (IEQ)
    • Design Optimization and Validation of High Performance Heat Exchangers using Approximation Assisted Optimization and Additive Manufacturing – Bacellar, Daniel (proxy) (contact); Aute, Vikrant; Huang, Zhiwei; Radermacher, Reinhard. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Evaluation of Governing Heat and Mass Transfer Resistance in Membrane Based Energy Recovery Ventilators with Internal Support Structures – Fronk, Brian (proxy) (contact); Armatis, Paul. (Operations)
    August 2017 Issue
    • Continuous vs. pulsating flow boiling. Part I: Experimental comparison and visualization – Kærn, Martin (proxy) (contact); Elmegaard, Brian; Meyer, Knud Erik; Palm, Bjorn; Holst, Jørgen. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Energy Use Predictions with Machine Learning During Architectural Concept Design – Greig Paterson, Payel Das, Dejan Mumovic. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Building-scale experimental validation of a new model for walls with phase change materials – Delcroix, Benoit (proxy) (contact); Kummert, Mickael; Daoud, Ahmed. (Energy Efficiency)
    September 2017 Issue
    • Correct design of vertical borehole heat exchanger systems through the improvement of the ASHRAE method – Fossa. (Energy Efficiency)
    • The effects of mixing air distribution and heat load arrangement on the performance of ceiling radiant panels under cooling mode of operation – Mustakallio. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Sensitivity of personalized ventilation air terminal device geometry with regard to a human thermal sensation – Bogdan. (Productivity)
    • Thermal comfort investigation of an outdoor air-conditioned area in hot and arid environment – Ghani. (Productivity)
    • Experimental determination and CFD predictions of pressure loss in close-coupled elbows (RP-1682) – Salehi. (Operations)
    • Literature review on field study of ventilation and indoor air quality performance verification in high- performance commercial buildings in North America – Emmerich. (Energy Efficiency)
    October 2017 Issue
    • Optimal tuning of cascaded control architectures for nonlinear HVAC systems – Price. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Review and analysis of fuel cell based, micro cogeneration for residential applications: Current state and future opportunities – Milcarek. (Energy Efficiency)
    January 2018 Issue
    • New model to predict activated carbon filter performance at different inlet concentrations employing filter accelerated test – Kuo. (IEQ)
    • Seasonal variations and exposure levels of carbon monoxide in a naturally ventilated residential underground parking lot – Zhao. (IEQ)
    • A distribute and self-tuning wireless environment monitoring system for buildings based on the Wi-Fi Direct technology – Yu (Operations)
    • Phase Change Materials Development from Salt Hydrate for Application as Secondary Refrigerant in Air Conditioning Systems – Irsyad (Operations)
    • Development of Prototypical Buildings for Urban Scale Building Energy Modeling: a Reduced Order Energy Model Approach – Yang (Energy Efficiency and Operations)
    • Development and implementation of a thermostat learning algorithm – Gunay. (Operations)
    February 2018 Issue
    • Climate Change and Indoor Air Quality in the Pacific Northwest – Zhu. (IEQ)
    • Development of a Tracer Gas Capture Efficiency Test Method for Residential Kitchen Ventilation – Liying. (IEQ)
    • Evaluating IAQ and Energy Impacts of Ventilation in a Net-Zero Energy House Using a Coupled Model – Hu. (IEQ)
    March 2018 Issue
    • Optimal duct layout for HVAC using topology optimization – Lin, Po Ting (proxy) (contact); Manuel, Mark Christian (Operations)
    • Development of a distributed artificial fish swarm algorithm to optimize pumps working in parallel mode – Yu, Hao (proxy) (contact); Zhao, TianYi; Zhang, JiLi. (Operations)
    April 2018 Issue
    • Modeling Horizontal Storage Tanks With Encapsulated Phase Change Materials for Building Performance Simulation – D'Avignon. (Energy Efficiency)
    May 2018 Issue
    • Variable Refrigerant Flow System Performance Improvement by Using Energy Saving Control Strategy and Chilled Water Storage – Hwang, Yunho (proxy) (contact); Lin, Xiaojie; Ling, Jiazhen; Radermacher, Reinhard; Kim, Byungsoon. (Operations)
    • Energy-optimized vs. cost optimized design of high-performing dwellings: the case of multi-family buildings – Ferrara, Maria (proxy) (contact); Sirombo, Elisa; Filippi, Marco; Fabrizio, Enrico. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Challenges in the application of a WRF/Urban-TRNSYS model chain for estimating the cooling demand of buildings: a case study in Bolzano (Italy) – Pappaccogli, Gianluca (proxy) (contact); Giovannini, Lorenzo; Cappelletti, Francesca; Zardi, Dino (Energy Efficiency)
    • Global performance analysis of three different roller shades control strategies: conventional versus advanced operation mode – Cappelletti, Francesca (proxy) (contact); Atzeri, Anna; Gasparella, Andrea; Tzempelikos, Athanasios. (Energy Efficiency)
    July 2018 Issue
    • Experimental study on the shading performance of a window integrated with grid shading configuration   Lai. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Performance evaluation of a CO2 scroll expander for work recovery using ANN   Singh. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Field Measurement and Modeling of UVC Cooling Coil Irradiation for HVAC Energy Use Reduction (RP-1738) – Part 2: Energy, IAQ, and Economic Modeling – Firrantello. (IEQ)
    • Window and door opening behaviour, carbon dioxide concentration, temperature, and energy use during the heating season in classrooms with different ventilation retrofits - ASHRAE RP1624 – Heebøll (Productivity)
    • Airborne Nanoparticle Filtration Performance of Fibrous Media: A review – Abdolghader (IEQ)
    August 2018 Issue
    • Detailed Energy Model of the NIST Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility: Development, Modification, and Validation – Balke. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Policy recommendations for using cool thermal energy storage to increase grid penetration of renewable power sources – Van Asselt. (Operations and Energy Efficiency
    • Experimental investigation for performance enhancement of a Vapour Compression Refrigeration System by employing several types of water cooled condenser – Ansari. (Energy Efficiency)
    September 2018 Issue
    • Coordinate Control of Air Movement for Optimal Thermal Comfort – Liu, (Productivity)
    October 2018 Issue
    • Efficiency degradation detection for VFD-motor-pump systems – Wang. (Energy Efficiency)
    • The extensive analysis of building energy performance across Baltic sea-region – Baranova. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Study of the HVAC System Photodegradation Caused by the Low Level UVC Light Irradiance For Coil Maintenance and Air Stream Disinfection – Wolf. (IEQ)
    November 2018 Issue
    • Equipment Power Consumption and Load Factor Profiles for Buildings' Energy Simulation (ASHRAE 1742-RP)  Sarfraz. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Performance assessment of variable frequency drives in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems – Wang. (Energy Efficiency)
    • The Design, Implementation, and Control of Building Pressurization to Protect Occupants From Arbitrarily Hazardous Environments – Cooper. (Productivity and IEQ)
    • A multi-occupants' comfort-driven and energy efficient control strategy of VAV system based on learned thermal comfort profiles – Xu. (Productivity)
    January 2019 Issue
    • Numerical evaluation of the effect of air distribution system and location on performance of a portable air cleaner – Akbari. (IEQ)
    • Experimental Study on the Active Enhancement Mechanisms of Heat and Mass Transfer in an Absorption Chiller (RP-1462) – Wang. (Energy Efficiency)
    • Experimental study on temperature distribution in multi-channel evaporator of ice making machine – Liu. (Operations)
    • Analytical modeling of human exposure from short-term point source releases of aerosols from household spray products – Adeniran (IEQ)
    • Seasonal variation of indoor radon-thoron levels in dwellings of four districts of Haryana, India – Panghal. (IEQ)
    February 2019 Issue
    • Thermal and Sound Insulation of Lightweight Steel Framed Façade Walls – Roque. (IEQ)
    • Comparison of ASHRAE Peak Cooling Load Calculation Methods – Mao. (Energy Efficiency)
    March 2019 Issue
    • IAQ and Energy Implications of High Efficiency Filters in Residential Buildings: A Review (RP-1649) – Siegel, Jeffrey. (IEQ)
    • Oil retention in microchannel heat exchangers of a R134a refrigeration system and effects on their energy performance and system COP – Cremaschi, Lorenzo. (Operations)
    • Indoor thermal environment and air distribution in a floor-ceiling heating room with mixing or displacement ventilation – Wu, Xiaozhou. (IEQ)
    April 2019 Issue
    • Implementation and Evaluation of ASHRAE's Acoustic Performance Measurement Protocols – McMorrow, Gabrielle. (IEQ)
    May/June 2019 Issue
    • An approach of calculation and analysis of pulsating flow rate of single-sided ventilation due to unsteady wind pressure – Hu. (IEQ)
    • Performance of various commercial TiO2 in photocatalytic degradation of a mixture of indoor air pollutants: Effect of photocatalyst and operating parameters – Haghighatmamaghani. (IEQ)
    • A novel procedure for validation of flow simulations in operating theaters – Massarotti. (IEQ)
  • Research Reports

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    Energy Efficiency

    The number in parentheses beside each RP reflects the number of technical papers published for each Research Project.

    • RP-23 -- Research Study of Weather Design Conditions – 1962 (1)
    • RP-66 -- Load Profiles and Energy Requirements for Heating and Cooling Buildings -1968 (0)
    • RP-102 -- Measurement of Thermal Characteristics and Response Factors of Walls and Roofs – 1969 (1)
    • RP-114 -- Experimental Measurement of Thermal Radiative Properties of Glasses with Various Materials -1971 (2)
    • RP-133 -- Standard Procedures for Determining the Performance of Air-to-Air Heat Recovery – 1972 (3)
    • RP-193 -- Conserving Energy in Industrial Refrigeration Systems by Reducing Condensing Temperatures - 1979 (1)
    • RP-247 -- A Solar Heat Pump Heating System with Latent Heat Storage for Cold Climates - 1983 (5)
    • RP-258 -- Energy Savings Through the Use of Natural Daylighting – 1981 (1)
    • RP-351 -- Energy Audit Input Procedures and Forms -1983 (1)
    • RP-494 -- Economic Database in Support of SPC 90.2 – 1987 (0)
    • RP-593 -- Optimal Control of HVAC Equipment with Consideration of Thermal Storage in the Structural Mass of Buildings – 1990 (1)
    • RP-600 -- Comparison of Collected and Compiled Existing Data on Service Hot Water Use Patterns in Residential and Commercial Establishments with New Field Monitored Experiments – 1993 (3)
    • RP-833 -- Demonstration of Knowledge Base to Aid Building Operators in Responding to Real-Time Pricing Electricity Rates – 1997 (1)
    • RP-985 -- Implementation of Thermal Storage in Building Mass – 2002 (2)
    • RP-1146 -- Building Operations and Dynamics within an Aggregated Load – 2003 (3)
    • RP-1292 -- Comparison of Total Energy Consumption of a Series Fan Powered Terminal vs. Parallel Powered Fan Terminal – 2007 (6)
    • RP-1299 -- Energy Implications of In-Duct Filtration in Residential and Light Commercial Applications -2010 (2)
    • RP-1333 -- HVAC Duct Efficiency Measurements – 2011 (3)
    • RP-1353 -- Stability and Accuracy of VAV Box Control at Low Flows – 2012 (2)
    • RP-1404 -- Measuring, Modeling, Analysis, and Reporting Protocols for Short-term M&V of Whole Building Energy Performance – 2014 (4)

    Indoor Environmental Quality

    The number in parentheses beside each RP reflects the number of technical papers published for each Research Project.

    • RP-26 -- Climate Control in an Educational Program – 1964 (1)
    • RP-43 -- ASHRAE Environmental Studies – 1963 (19)
    • RP-74 -- Odor Identification in Occupied Spaces – 1969 (1)
    • RP-57 -- Determination of the Effect of Thermal Environment on Productivity & Learning in Commercial, Industrial, & School Activities – 1970 (2)
    • RP-86 -- Field Study of Air Quality in Air-conditioned Spaces – 1970 (1)
    • RP-97 -- A Study of Techniques for Evaluation of Airborne Particle Matter – 1977 (1)
    • RP-118 -- Thermal Requirements for Human Comfort – 1979 (13) Generated 13 papers, but no final report available.
    • RP-183 -- Organic Contaminants in Indoor Air and their Relationship to Outdoor Contaminants – 1982 (2)
    • RP-236 -- Tobacco Smoke Odor Control – Development of a Test Method – 1981 (0)
    • RP-397 -- The Effect of Indoor Relative Humidity on Survival of Airborne Microorganisms and the Related Absenteeism in Schools and Hospitals – 1985 (2)
    • RP-426 -- Office Perimeter Heating System Performance – 1989 (1)
    • RP-518 -- Human Response to Cooling with Air Jets – 1992 (2)
    • RP-610 -- Control of Legionella Strains in Non-Cooling-Tower Reservoirs – 1991 (2)
    • RP-714 -- Relationship Between Low-Frequency HVAC Noise & Comfort in Occupied Spaces - 1994 (1)
    • RP-843 -- Human Response to Air Movement: Part 1: Preference and Draft Discomfort – 2002 (1)
    • RP-1071 -- Methodology to Incorporate the Effect of Window Wavelength Dependency into Thermal Comfort Calculations (1)
    • RP-1128 -- Trade-off Function for the Combined Effects of Noise and Temperature on Comfort & Performance – 2009 (1)
    • RP-1339 -- Survey of Particle Production Rates from Process Activities in Pharmaceuticals and Biological Clean Rooms – 2012 (1)
    • RP-1397 -- Experimental Investigation of Hospital Operating Room (OR) Air Distribution – 2013 (1)
    • RP-1630 -- Update the Scientific Evidence for Specifying Lower Limit Relative Humidity Levels for Comfort, Health, and IEQ in Occupied Spaces – 2016 (1)

    Operation and Maintenance

    The number in parentheses beside each RP reflects the number of technical papers published for each Research Project.

    • RP-16 -- Balancing Air Distribution Systems – 1966 (3) – Generated 3 technical papers, but no final report.
    • RP-56 -- Hot Water and Steam Heating System Recovery Factors – 1967 (2)
    • RP-74 -- Odor Identification in Occupied Spaces – 1971 (1)
    • RP-70 -- Development of Criteria for Design, Selection, & In-Place Testing f Laboratory Fume Hoods & Laboratory Ventilation Air Supply – 1977 (2)
    • RP-86 -- Field Study of Air Quality in Air-Conditioned Spaces – 1970 (1)
    • RP-98 -- Field Evaluation of High Intensity Infrared Space Heating Systems – 1975 (1)
    • RP-154 -- Survey of Air Conditioning System Performance in Large Office Buildings – 1976 (0)
    • RP-186 -- Equipment Life and Maintenance Cost Survey – 1978 (1)
    • RP-183 -- Organic Contaminants in Indoor Air and Their Relationship to Outdoor Contaminant – 1982 (2)
    • RP-310 -- Establish Feasibility and Background for an Equipment Maintenance Costs Work Statement – 1981 (0)
    • RP-382 -- Development of HVAC Equipment Maintenance Cost Data Bases – 1986 (1)
    • RP-438 -- Measurement and Rating of Air Leakage in Building Components – 1993 (1)
    • RP-656 -- Heat Pump / Heat Recovery Operating Experience – 1994 (1)
    • RP-669 -- Evaluation of Proposed ASHRAE Energy Audit Form and Procedures – 1996 (1) technical paper & (1) Special Publication
    • RP 734 -- Building Characteristics and Control Strategies for Use of Building Thermal Pass in Cooling – 2002 (1)
    • RP-791 -- Field Test Methods to Measure Gaseous Contaminant Removal Effectiveness of Gas Phase Air Filtration Equipment for Indoor Air Applications (Phase II) – 2005 (2)
    • RP-1004 -- Methodology Development to Determine the Long-Term Performance of Cool Storage Systems from Short Term Measurements – 2002 – (3)
    • RP-1274 -- Field Performance Assessment of Package Equipment to Qualify the Benefits of Proper Service – 2010 (0)
    • RP-1306 -- Incident-Response Monitoring Technologies for Aircraft Cabin Air Quality – 2015 (0)
    • RP-1399 -- Survey of Particle Production Rates from Process Activities in Pharmaceutical and Biological Cleanrooms – 2018 (1)


    The number in parentheses beside each RP reflects the number of technical papers published for each Research Project.

    • RP-57 -- Determination of the Effect of Thermal Environment on Productivity & Learning in Commercial, Industrial, & School Activities – 1966 (2)
    • RP-110 -- A Study of Productivity and Absenteeism in an Apparel Factory with and without Air-Conditioning – 1973. Generated 1 paper, but no final report.
    • RP-207 -- Relationship Between Measures of Thermal Environment and Measures of Worker Productivity – 1978 (1)
    • RP-700 -- Determine and Test Research Protocols for Evaluating the Relationship Between HVAC System and Productivity –1996 (1)
    • RP-1257 -- Indoor Environmental Effects on Performance of School Work by Children – 2007 (2)
    • RP-1322 -- Productivity and Perception Based Evaluations of Indoor Noise Criteria – 2013 (2)


    The number in parentheses beside each RP reflects the number of technical papers published for each Research Project.

    • RP-28 -- A Selective Bibliography on Environmental Control and Habitability of Survival Shelters – 1964 (0)
    • RP-112 -- Ability of Air Conditioning Systems to Remove Pollutants Under Conditions of Pollutant Level and Air Flow – 1971 (1)
    • RP-247 -- A Solar Heat Pump Heating System with Latent Heat Storage for Cold Climates – 1982 (5)
    • RP-258 -- Energy Savings using Natural Daylighting – 1981 (1)
    • RP-448 -- Building Pressure Distribution for Natural Ventilation Calculations – 1987 (1)
    • RP-438 -- Measurement and Rating of Air Leakage in Building Components – 1993 (1)
    • RP-593 -- Optimal Control of HVAC Equipment with Consideration of Thermal Storage in the Structural Mass of Buildings – 1990 (1)
    • RP-850 -- Development of and AHRAE Project Implementation Plan for Cool Storage Systems – 1996 (1) & (1) Special Publication.
    • RP-985 -- Implementation of Thermal Storage in Building Mass – 2002 (2)
    • RP-1004 -- Methodology Development to Determine the Long-Term Performance of Cool Storage Systems from Short Term Measurements (3)
    • RP-1387 -- Thermal Energy Storage Design for Emergency Cooling – 2011 (2)
    • RP-1390 -- Short-term Curtailment of HVAC Loads in Buildings – 2011 (1)
  • Standards

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    In addition, many ASHRAE standards are also available in a read-only format. Access to these versions is only available via the website.

    Read-only Standards

    Complete list of both published and proposed ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines, including the title, purpose and scope.

    Complete list

    Published Standards and Guidelines

    ASHRAE Guideline 0-2013 – Published Guideline.
    The Commissioning Process

    Guideline 1.1 – Published Guideline.
    HVAC&R Technical Requirements for the Commissioning Process

    Guideline 1.3-2018 – Published Guideline.
    Building Operation and Maintenance Training for the HVAC&R Commissioning Process

    ASHRAE Guideline 1.4-2014 – Published Guideline.
    Procedures for Preparing Facility Systems Manuals

    ASHRAE Guideline 1.5-2017 – Published Guideline (Supersedes ASHRAE Guideline 1.5-2012)
    The Commissioning Process for Smoke Control Systems

    ASHRAE Guideline 29-2009 – Published Guideline.
    Guideline for Risk Management of Public Health and Safety in Buildings

    Guideline 32-2018 – Published Guideline. Supersedes ASHRAE Guideline 32-2012
    Management for Sustainable, High Performance Operations & Maintenance

    Guideline 34-2019 – Published Guideline.
    Energy Guideline for Historical Buildings

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 15-2016 – Published Standard.
    Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2017 – Published Standard.
    Method of Testing General Ventilation Air Cleaning Devices for Removal Efficiency by Particle Size

    ANSI/ASHRAE 55-2017 – Published Standard. (Supersedes ASHRAE Standard 55-2013)
    Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2016 – Published Standard. (Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2013)
    Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2016 – Published Standard. (Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2013.)
    Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Residential Buildings

    ANSI/ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2016 – Published Standard. (Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1- 2013)
    Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 90.4-2016 – Published Standard.
    Energy Standard for Data Centers

    ANSI/ASHRAE/IES 100-2015  – Published Standard.
    Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 105-2014  – Published Standard.
    Standard Methods of Determining, Expressing and Comparing Building Energy Performance and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2016 – Published Standard. (Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2012.)
    BACnet - A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 147-2013 – Published Standard.
    Reducing the Release of Halogenated Refrigerants from Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Equipment and Systems

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 160-2009 – Published Standard.
    Criteria for Moisture-Control Design Analysis in Buildings

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 169-2013 – Published Standard.
    Climatic Data for Building Design Standards

    ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE 170-2013 – Published Standard.
    Ventilation of Health Care Facilities

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 171-2017 – Published Standard.
    Method of Test of Seismic Restraint Devices for HVAC&R Equipment

    ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180-2018 – Published Standard.
    Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 185.1-2015 – Published Standard.
    Method of Testing UVC Lights for Use in Air Handling Units or Air Ducts to Inactivate Airborne Microorganisms

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 185.2-2014 – Published Standard.
    Method of Testing Ultraviolet Lamps for Use in HVAC&R Units or Air Ducts to Inactivate Microorganisms on Irradiated Surfaces

    ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2018 – Published Standard. Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015
    Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems

    ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES 189.1-2014 – Published Standard.
    Standard for the Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings

    ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES 189.1-2017 – Published Standard. (Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES 189.1-2014)
    Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings

    ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 189.3-2017 – Published Standard.
    Design, Construction and Operation of Sustainable High Performance Health Care Facilities

    ANSI/ASHRAE/NEMA Standard 201-2016 – Published Standard.
    Facility Smart Grid Information Model

    ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 202-2013 – Published Standard.
    Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems

    Proposed Standards & Guidelines

    GPC 42P – Proposed Guideline.
    Enhanced Indoor Air Quality in Commercial and Institutional Buildings

    SPC 191P – Proposed Standard.
    Standard for the Efficient Use of Water in Building Mechanical System

    SPC 227P – Proposed Standard.
    Passive Building Design Standard

    Position documents

    pdf_icon.png Environmental Tobacco Smoke

    pdf_icon.png Combustion of Solid Fuels and Indoor Air Quality in Primarily Developing Countries 

    pdf_icon.png Filtration and Air Cleaning

    pdf_icon.png Indoor Air Quality

    pdf_icon.png Limiting Indoor Mold and Dampness in Buildings

    Advanced Energy Design Guides (AEDGs)

    The Advanced Energy Design Guide—Achieving Zero Energy series

    Technical Committees (TCs) that Focus on Operations

    TC 3.6 Water Treatment

    TC 7.5 Smart Building Systems

    TC 7.7 Testing and Balancing

    TC 7.8 Owning and Operating Costs

    TC 7.9 Building Commissioning

    MTG.EBO Effective Building Operations

    MTG.OBB Occupant Behavior in Buildings

    TC 1.13 Optimization

    TC 1.12 Moisture Management in Buildings

    TC 2.3 Gaseous Air Contaminants and Gas Contaminant Removal Equipment

    TC 2.4 Particulate Air Contaminants and Particulate Contaminant Removal Equipment