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2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference

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2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference
June 25-29, 2022 | Toronto, ON, Canada

The Ventilation 2022: 13th International Industrial Ventilation Conference for Contaminant Control will immediately precede the 2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference at the same location, June 22-24. Dual registration opportunities will be available. For more information visit ashrae.org/ventilation2022.

Now Accepting Conference Paper Abstracts, Technical Papers and Paper Session Requests

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    The 2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference technical program is comprised of eight tracks, selected to represent areas of focus common among ASHRAE membership.




    Fundamentals and Applications:  Fundamentals are the foundation for understanding applications in engineering. Key components of ASHRAE fundamentals include thermodynamics, psychometrics, fluid and mass flow. This track provides opportunities for papers and presentations of varying levels across a large topic base. Concepts, design elements and shared experiences for theoretical and applied concepts of HVAC&R design are included.   

    Track Chair: Erik D Sanchez esanchez@prmech.com


    HVAC&R Systems and Equipment:  HVAC&R systems and equipment are constantly evolving to address the changing requirements of the built environment.  Papers and programs in this track focus on the development of new systems and equipment, improvements to existing systems and equipment and the proper application and operation of systems and equipment.  

    Track Chair: Marites Calad mcalad@norman-wright.com


    Research Summit: Active research, and the exchange of those research findings, are critical to the development of our HVAC&R industry and built environment. The 9th annual research summit invites researchers to share those results, including ASHRAE-sponsored research and research of interest to the ASHRAE community. Researchers are invited to present papers, extended abstracts, seminars, forums or participate in panel discussions. The Research Summit includes a partnership with ASHRAE's archival journal, Science and Technology for the Built Environment.

    Track Chair: Brian Fronk  brian.fronk@oregonstate.edu


    Connected Buildings, Connected Communities: As buildings become smarter, and as sensor systems, internet connectivity and data collection become more ubiquitous, there are substantial opportunities to improve the performance and efficiency of buildings. Similarly, as renewable energy resources, including wind and solar energy and energy storage, becoming increasingly common, buildings can be used as electric grid assets, to strategically support energy efficiency and demand flexibility. To accomplish this requires many stakeholders, coordinated efforts and a diversity of buildings and buildings systems components and controls.

    Track Chair: Ahmed Abdel Salam  ahmed.abdel-salam@usask.ca


    Cold Climate Building System Design, Operation and Resilience: The design, construction and operation of buildings in cold climate regions which experience extreme winter conditions require specific considerations for the building envelope and HVAC&R systems and resulting thermal and hygrothermal performance. Resilience in the face of extreme temperature shifts, and in some cases remoteness and permafrost, should be considered to ensure building maintain interior design conditions. This track covers efforts and topics specifically focused on buildings, building systems and equipment in cold, arctic and subarctic climates.

    Track Chair: Davide Ziviani  dziviani@purdue.edu


    IAQ, Energy Use, Comfort and Health of Sustainable Buildings: Indoor environmental quality, energy use and efficiency and occupant comfort and health are all priorities buildings must balance. Sustainability priorities in buildings continue to increase, requiring careful consideration of how to achieve sustainability goals without sacrificing other building functions and owner/operator priorities. This track covers each of these topics, and how they interact and impact one another.

    Track Chair: Rafi Karim  rkarim@aeieng.com


    Professional Development and Education: As members of a professional organization, we not only participate for the great value of technical exchange, but also the interpersonal exchange. We recognize that the single greatest strength of our organization is its membership. This track is designed to allow those professionals and educators an opportunity to develop and share knowledge in the areas of presentation skills, leadership, team-building, understanding various business operations, lean collaboration strategies, interpersonal skills, etc., and an opportunity for educators to share knowledge in the teaching and education of current and future generations of professionals. Submissions to this track may lend themselves to interactive session types such as workshops, panels and forums.

    Track Chair: Maggie Moninski  maggie.moninski@gmail.com


    Buildings in the Aftermath of COVID-19: The pandemic has had significant impacts on how buildings are used, and the priorities associated with building operations to ensure a healthy environment for occupants. More people are working remotely; commercial building interior design and functionality and occupant use of these buildings, ventilation and system needs and building owner, operator and occupant priorities have been impacted. This track covers these topics as our buildings transition to design and operation in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

    Track Chair: Andy Cochrane acochrane@industrialairinc.com


    Monday, September 20, 2021: Conference Paper Abstracts, Technical Papers and Paper Session Requests Due
    Wednesday, October 6, 2021: Conference Paper Abstract Accept/Reject Notifications
    Wednesday, December 01, 2021: Final Conference Papers Due - Submitted for Review
    Wednesday, January 05, 2022: Conference Paper Accept/Revise/Reject Notifications
    Thursday, January 06, 2022: Website Opens for Seminar, Workshop, Panel, Debate, Forum and Extended Abstract Proposals
    Friday, January 14, 2022: Revised Conference Papers/Final Technical Papers Due
    Thursday, February 17, 2022: Extended Abstract Paper Due
    Thursday, February 17, 2022: Program (Seminar, Forum, Workshop, Debate and Panel) Proposals Due
    Friday, February 18, 2022: Conference and Technical Paper Final Accept/Reject Notifications
    Tuesday, February 22, 2022: Program Submissions Due
    Friday, March 18, 2022: Extended Abstracts Accept/Reject Notifications
    Friday, April 01, 2022: Debate, Panel, Seminar, Forum, Workshop Accept/Reject Notifications


    Registration will open in the spring of 2022. 

    Early Bird in-person registration fees

    • $665, in-person member/$895, in-person non-member
    • $640, first-time in-person member attendee/$870, first-time in-person non-member attendee

    Advance in-person registration fees

    • $690, in-person member/$960, in-person non-member
    • $665, first-time in-person member attendee/$895, first-time in-person non-member attendee

    Onsite in-person registration fees

    • $900, in-person member/$1,130, in-person non-member
    • $875, first-time in-person member attendee/$1,105, first-time in-person non-member attendee
    • $345, in-person member one-day fee/$415, in-person non-member one-day fee
    • $75, one session

    Registration fees for speakers, student branch advisors and students

    • $175, speaker 
    • $175, in-person Life Member
    • $25, student branch advisor
    • $25, student member/$55, full-time student non-member
    • $60, in-person companion
    • $0, NEW! In-Person Committee Meeting Only, recommended donation of $25, $50 or $100 to offset expense of hybrid committee meetings*

    *Everyone who attends the 2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference must be registered for the Conference for safety purposes.  

    ASHRAE is currently evaluating virtual registration options for the 2022 Annual Conference and more information will be posted soon. ASHRAE will also offer a dual, discounted registration option for those who wish to attend both the 2022 Ventilation Conference and the 2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference both taking place at the Sheraton Centre Toronto. More information will be posted soon.

    Ventilation 2022: 13th International Industrial Ventilation Conference for Contaminant Control: 
    Wednesday, June 22 – Friday, June 24

    2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference: Saturday, June 25 – Wednesday, June 29


    The 2022 Annual Conference will take place at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel located a 123 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2M9, Canada. An overflow room block and some additional meetings will take place at the Hilton Toronto, across the street, located at 145 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2L2, Canada.

    The ASHRAE room block at both hotels will open in March or April 2022. The room rate at both hotels is $249/night + tax CAD.

    Attendees of the Ventilation 2022 conference will have the option to prolong their stay if planning to attend both Ventilation 2022 and the ASHRAE Annual Conference at the same room rate.

    As of September 2021, for entry into the country, Canada requires proof of COVID-19 vaccine AND a negative PCR test 72 hours before arrival date. For more information and to stay up on the latest travel restrictions visit https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid.

  • Welcome to Toronto

    2022 marks the Toronto Chapter’s 100th anniversary! Toronto is excited to host the 2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference and the Toronto Host Committee is working hard to provide an experience ASHRAE attendees won’t forget. More information will be posted soon regarding social events and tours.

    For more information on getting to Toronto, things to do and restaurants and nightlife visit Toronto’s tourism site exclusively for ASHRAE attendees.

    Visit Toronto 


    ASHRAE thanks the following members of the Toronto Chapter for serving on the 2022 ASHRAE Annual Conference Host Committee. Join us in celebrating the Toronto Chapter’s 100th anniversary during the Conference!

    • Doug Cochrane, Chair
    • Abhishek Khurana, Vice Chair
    • Badri Patel, Tours
    • Beatriz Salazar, Entertainment
    • Dragos Paraschiv, Sessions
    • Alekhya Kaianathbhatta, Information and Publicity
    • David Sinclair, Hospitality
    • David Underwood, Honorary Chair