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ASHRAE Books Content

Chapter 10, Disaster Planning and Emergency Management:
HVAC Design Manual for Hospitals and Clinics, 2nd ed.

Free Download: Indoor Air Quality Guide: Best Practices for Design, Construction and Commissioning

Read Free Online: Residential Indoor Air Quality

ASHRAE Conference Papers

Conference papers from 2017 and after are avaiable for free download in PDF format. Older papers can be purchased in ASHRAE's bookstore

2019 Annual Conference

pdf_icon.png KC-19-C021 -- Infectious Passenger Isolation System for Aircraft

pdf_icon.png KC-19-C020 -- Designing Simplified Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms to Reduce Infection Rate in Future Pandemics

2017 Annual Conference

pdf_icon.png LB-17-C005 -- An Efficient Ventilation Configuration for Preventing Bioaerosol Exposures to Health Care Workers in Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms

2016 Annual Conference

pdf_icon.png ST-16-004 (GIA 15-16) -- Assessing Effectiveness of Ceiling-Ventilated Mock Airborne Infection Isolation Room in Preventing Hospital-Acquired Influenza Transmission to Health-Care Workers

2015 Winter Conference

pdf_icon.png CH-15-C017 -- Effectiveness of a Local Ventilation/Filtration Intervention for Health-Care Worker Exposure Reduction to Airborne Infection in a Hospital Room

2014 Winter Conference

pdf_icon.png NY-14-C023 -- Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) in Hospital HVAC Decreases Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

2012 Winter Conference

pdf_icon.png CH-12-C057 -- Assessment of Health-Care Worker Exposure to Pandemic Flu in Hospital Rooms 

ASHRAE Journal Papers

pdf_icon.png Modeling SARS-CoV-2 Infection Risk in Various Office Building HVAC System - July 2023

pdf_icon.png Increasing Ventilation In 1980s High-Rise Commercial Office Buildings - November 2022

pdf_icon.png Inhaled Mass and Particle Removal Dynamics in Commercial Buildings And Aircraft Cabins - July 2022

pdf_icon.png Airborne Disease Transmission Risk and Energy Impact of HVAC Mitigation Strategies - May 2022

pdf_icon.png Interpreting Air Cleaner Performance Data - April 2022

pdf_icon.png Transporting and Storing COVID-19 Vaccines - February 2022

pdf_icon.png Lessons Learned (So Far) From The COVID-19 Pandemic- February 2022

pdf_icon.png Building Sciences: Covert COVID Thoughts- February 2022

pdf_icon.png A Bipolar Ionization Primer for HVAC Professionals - November 2021

pdf_icon.png Monitoring IAQ and Occupant Health - October 2021

pdf_icon.png Central HVAC Filtration vs. Portable Air Purifier Filtration: Mitigating COVID-19 in Public Spaces - October 2021

pdf_icon.png Virus Transmission Modes and Mitigation Strategies, Part 4: Additional Virus Mitigation Strategies - September 2021

pdf_icon.png IEQ Applications: Reducing Airborne Contamination, Transmission & Migration—Inspirations From Cleanroom HVAC Technologies - September 2021

pdf_icon.png Virus Transmission Modes and Mitigation Strategies, Part 3: Ventilation, Filtration And UVGI - August 2021

pdf_icon.png IEQ Applications: Evaluating Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation: Case Study - August 2021

pdf_icon.png IEQ Applications: Designing Beyond The Well-Mixed Space - July 2021

pdf_icon.png Analysis of Spread of Airborne Contaminants and Risk Of Infection - July 2021

pdf_icon.png Minimizing COVID-19 Transmission in High Occupant Density Settings, Part 2 - June 2021

pdf_icon.png IEQ Applications: Managing Aerosols Using Space Flushing - June 2021

pdf_icon.png HVAC Applications: Return Ductwork Requirement For Airborne Pathogens Through the Airstream - June 2021

pdf_icon.png Reducing Airborne Infectious Aerosol Exposure - May 2021

pdf_icon.png Minimizing Transmission In High Occupant Density Settings, Part 1 - May 2021

pdf_icon.png Virus Transmission Modes and Mitigation Strategies, Part 2: Airborne Transmission and Distribution - April 2021

pdf_icon.png Defining Viruses And Droplet Release - March 2021

pdf_icon.png Solving Problems: Debunking UVGI Myths - February 2021

What It’s Like Opening a Building During a Pandemic - January 2021

pdf_icon.png IEQ Applications: Tool Evaluates Control Measures for Airborne Infectious Agents - January 2021

pdf_icon.png Preparing HVAC Systems Before Reoccupying A Building - January 2021

pdf_icon.png Effect of Ventilation and Filtration on Viral Infection in Residences - December 2020

pdf_icon.png A Brief Introduction to Passenger Aircraft Cabin Air Quality - October 2020

pdf_icon.png Filling the Knowledge Gaps: HVAC and COVID-19 - September 2020

pdf_icon.png Improving IEQ to Reduce Transmission of Airborne Pathogens In Cold Climates - September 2020

pdf_icon.png IEQ Applications: Building Readiness Plan for SARS-CoV-2: ASHRAE Headquarters - September 2020

pdf_icon.png Study of Viral Filtration Performance of Residential HVAC Filters - August 2020

pdf_icon.png Evaluating Virus Containment Efficiency of Air-Handling Systems - July 2020

pdf_icon.png Makeshift Negative Pressure Patient Rooms In Response to COVID-19: Recommendations and Lessons Learned - July 2020

pdf_icon.png IEQ Applications: Water Management Best Practices During and After Low or No Occupancy - June 2020

pdf_icon.png IEQ Applications: Guidance for Building Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic - May 2020

pdf_icon.png IEQ Applications: Designing for Airborne Infection Control - July 2019

pdf_icon.png Improved Ventilation System For Removal of Airborne Contamination in Airborne Infectious Isolation Rooms - Feb 2019

pdf_icon.png Bioaerosols in Health-Care Environments - Aug 2014

pdf_icon.png IAQ Applications: Ventilation, Crowds, and the Common Cold - Feb 2014

pdf_icon.png IAQ Applications: Hospital Surge Capacity - Sept 2011

pdf_icon.png Health Issues: HVAC & Infectious Diseases - June 2009

pdf_icon.png Ultraviolet Germidical Irradiation: Current Best Practices - August 2008

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