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A Brief Look at IgCC and Standard 189.1

Advanced Designs for Net-Zero Energy and Low-Carbon Buildings

Advanced High-Performance Building Design: Key Concepts For Lifelong Building Sustainability

Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Applications: Best Practices

Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Fundamentals

An Introduction to ASHRAE Existing Building Commissioning Process 1 hour

Avoiding IAQ Problems

Basics of Combined Heat & Power

Best Practices for Installing DDC Systems

Building Energy Modeling Fundamentals and Applications (Formerly Energy Modeling Best Practices and Applications)  6 hours

Changing Environments and Loads for Data Centers (High Density, Liquid Cooling, Edge Computing)

Choosing the Right Energy Code for Your Project: IECC 2018 or ASHRAE 90.1-2016 6 hours

Combined Heat and Power: Creating Efficiency through Design & Operations 

Commercial Building Energy Audits 6 hours

Commissioning Process in New and Existing Buildings 6 hours

Complying with Standard 90.1-2016 6 hours

Complying with Standard 90.1-2016: HVAC/Mechanical

Complying with Standard 90.1-2019 6 hours

Complying with the Requirements of Standard 62.1-2016 

Designing & Operating Data Centers for the Internet of Everything: Mitigating Risk & Optimizing Performance 6 hours

Designing HVAC Systems to Control Noise and Vibration 6 hours

Design of Affordable and Efficient Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

Designing and Operating High-Performing Healthcare HVAC Systems

Effective Energy Management in New & Existing Buildings  6 hours

Energy Management Best Practices

Fundamentals and Application of Standard 55

Fundamental Requirements of Standard 62.1-2016

Fundamentals of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) for Air and Surface Disinfection

Guideline 36: Best in Class HVAC Control Sequences

Healthcare Facilities: Best Practices for HVAC Design and Operation 6 hours

Healthcare Facilities: Best Practices Applications of HVAC Systems

High-Performance Building Design: Applications & Future Trends 

High-Performance Building Simplified: Synopsis and Introduction  

How Smart, Efficient, Sustainable Systems Lead to Improved Resilience

Humidity Control I: Design Tips and Traps

Humidity Control II: Real-World Problems and Solutions

Humidity Control I and II: Tips for HVAC Design and Practical Solutions to Existing Problems

HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials 18 hours

HVAC Design: Level II – Applications 12 hours

IAQ Best Practices for Design, Construction and Commissioning

Integrated Building Design  6 hours

Introduction to BACnet®

New! Introduction to Building Decarbonization

New! Is Your Building Ready? Applying ASHRAE Standard 241 Control of Infectious Aerosols – Facility Assessment, Planning, and Implementation 

Laboratory Design: The Basics and Beyond

Laboratory Exhaust Stacks: Safe and Energy-Efficient Design

Latest in High Performance Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)

Operations & Maintenance of High-Performance Buildings 6 hours

Optimizing Indoor Environment: Increasing Building Value 6 hours

Powering with Renewable Resources: Thermal Energy Storage

Principles of Building Commissioning: ASHRAE Guideline 0 and Standard 202

Save 40% by Complying with Standard 90.1-2019

Save Over 35% Using Appendix G of ASHRAE 90.1-2016
formerly Complying with Standard 90.1-2016: Appendix G

Smart Grid Systems, Applications and Integration with the Built Environment

Smart HVAC Solutions for Climate Design 

Soft Skills Essentials for Engineers 18 hours

Starting the Path to Net Zero Buildings Using ASHRAE 90.1–2022 

Successfully Managing the Risk of Legionellosis Using ASHRAE Standard 188

The Commissioning Process and Stakeholder Management 1 hour

Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Air Conditioning

Understanding and Designing Chilled-Beam Systems

New! Understanding ASHRAE Standard 241 Control of Infectious Aerosols – Background, Overview, and Key Requirements

Variable Refrigerant Flow System Design & Application

V in HVAC – Efficiently Improving IAQ using the Ventilation Rate Procedure (Using advanced options from Standard 62.1-2022)

V in HVAC – Energy Efficient HVAC Systems Design 6 hours

V in HVAC – Health and Energy Improvements Using the Indoor Air Quality Procedure 

V in HVAC – What, Why, Where, How, and How Much (Includes Basics Requirements of Standard 62.1-2022)